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I’ve Seen Santa! by David Bedford Illustrated by Tim Warnes

Originally Published by Tiger Tales in 2006

32 pages

Ages: 3-7 years

Publishers Summary: It’s Christmas Eve and Little Bear can’t wait to see Santa! “Santa will come just as soon as you go to sleep,” Mommy Bear says. But Little Bear doesn’t want to go to sleep. He wants to see Santa! Suddenly. . . glug, glug, glug, glug! What’s that noise? Someone is downstairs! Will Little Bear really get to see Santa? Expertly capturing all of a child’s anticipation and excitement on Christmas Eve night, David Bedford’s cozy family tale is a joyful read-aloud for the holiday season.

The Turkeybird Speaks:

“Santa! Santa! This is such a good book! I can’t wait to finally stay up to see Santa this year and every night until Christmas I will be requesting this book just to get ready for that night. I’ve already asked mom if we can set out milk and pies. And I have my flashlight ready, but unlike Little Bear, I’m not going to fall asleep before I see Santa.”

Mom’s Two Cents:

“The Turkeybird absolutely loves this book and every night for the last two weeks he’s asked for it by name. Because he will only be 3 this next year this will be his first Christmas where actually “gets” the idea of Christmas. It’s wonderful because this book has playfully described the excitement of that great night and its magical guest. I know I’m now more excited just to see the Turkeybird’s expression when he sees the magic of Santa for the “first” time.”

This book was purchased for our home library.
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4 Responses to The Turkeybird Speaks – I’ve Seen Santa!

  1. Gina says:

    This sounds like a wonderful book…perfect for the season. Although children grow up, they are always their parents little one….case in point, myself…but each year we have a few traditions we stick with. One of which is watching the traditional TV specials, and the other is reading some of our old favorite Christmas stories…along with some new ones. Sending wishes that the magic stays with you and the Turkeybird for many many years to come. =0)

  2. readerbuzz says:

    I love children’s picture books, too. Stop by my blog….I’m still working on mine.

  3. As the publisher of this book, we couldn’t be happier to learn of Turkeybird’s enthusiasum for this book. The traditions we develop over the years, like decorating pine cones for Thanksgiving, carving pumpkins for Hallowe’en and singing Jingle Bells as the Yuletide approaches, add so much to our family lives. There are other titles that have become part of family traditions, such as ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Polar Express, and The Gift of the Magi. It is a lovely thought that this book may be counted among them.

    A love of reading starts at an early age and lasts a lifetime!

  4. […] of the first books ever reviewed on There’s A Book was I’ve Seen Santa! by David Bedford Illustrated by Tim Warnes, also published by Tiger Tales Books. It was definitely the Turkeybird’s very first review […]

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