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In keeping with the introductions on our site, we’d like you to meet Littlebug. Keep in mind, she doesn’t talk much, but has a heck of a personality. Here she is:

Sweet Littlebug Says:

Littlebug-What“As was said, I’m a girl of few words now, but soon that will all change…and then watch out world! In just two short months I will finally be a year old! No more of this baby stuff, although I do like to use that to my advantage when it comes to mom and getting what I want. Just about one month ago I started to really crawl and that about did it for my poor mom, she’s chasing me everywhere I go now just to make sure I don’t get into something I shouldn’t.

TLittlebug-Cryinghere’s no doubt you can tell when I like or dislike something and you will always know where you stand when you are with me. I’m easily swayed and sometimes all it takes is the right toy or food and I’m a happy girl. My mom is far and above the one who knows me best and can always manage to get me calmed down whatever the situation. Usually it comes with a song, because I’m absolutely mesmerized by any music my mom sings or plays for me.

Things I like most…Well, I’ll put this simply, if I can put it in my mouth and chew, it’s the best thing ever. My big brother , the Turkeybird himself, is my absolute favorite person in the world (besides my dad of course) and everything he does is just amazing.  My favorite foods are bananas, teething biscuits, veggie puffs and pretty much anything I can have that everyone else is eating. I love bright colors, my little bunny/dog (mom can’t decide what it is, but my auntie gave it to my big brother and I inherited it), anything with a tag and the burp clothes my mom sewed for me. I love to learn and know one day I will love reading just as much as everyone in my family.”


Mom’s Two Cents:

“This Littlebug is very special, as are most little girls to their moms. She has quickly become the life of the party. Anytime anyone in the family is feeling down you can count on her to bring a smile to your face and a giggle to the room. We are so grateful she’s a member of the family and can’t wait to see where she goes!”

LittlLittlepeacefulbugebug’s favorite books currently:


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4 Responses to Get to Know Littlebug

  1. Petty Witter says:

    Nice to meet you both. Bananas – one of my favourites as well.

  2. A darling Littlebug and a darling post! I absolutely love the picture of the feet inside the hand-heart. 🙂

  3. Thanks to you both!
    Petty Witter – The best thing for Bug is smashing them, at least that’s what it seems like. :o)
    Shannon – Thanks! I had a friend take the picture right after she was born and it turned out amazing, I think.

  4. anita buice says:

    Littlebug is precious. We have a 4 month old grandson that we are enjoying very much. Blessings, anita 🙂

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