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Recently, we were able to attend a signing of the new cookbook by the one and only “Pioneer Woman“. And now by “we” I mean, The1stdaughter, Littlebug and of course I dragged The Baker along. More than anything it was a great opportunity to meet a wonderful mom, get a new GREAT cookbook and spend time with two of my favorite people (my own mom and one of my two sisters). We had a blast, despite the heat, and of course Bug was a huge hit!


Because I want to take this opportunity to continue the fun we had and make the best of it I decided, why not get an extra copy signed for one of my lucky readers? So, in honor of the new beginning that is There’s A Book I give you our very first book giveaway! One of you out there will be the new owner of a brand new, never used, SIGNED copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond! The exact one in the image above! Just fill out what you want on the form below and on January 1st 2010 I will announce the winner.


As a note I want to say that so far this cookbook is fabulous! We’ve tried a few of the recipes including the “Egg-in-the-Hole”, “Meatloaf”, “Olive Cheese Bread”, and my personal favorite (so far) “Edna Mae’s Sour Cream Pancakes”. The pancakes quite literally melt in your mouth and I think it is quite possible that I could eat them morning, noon and night without any problem whatsoever. One of the amazing things about this cookbook is that it’s not just a cookbook. It has stories and pictures of her everyday life and every time I’ve picked it up I’ve found something else to look at or try. Normally I don’t think I’d be inclined to review any old cookbook (although The Baker definitely would), but Ree is such a family gal that it shines through in every recipe in the book. It reminds me of home, of being with my dad and his parents on their farm during harvest time. The feeling of comfort, home, family and food so delicious because it was picked just that day is what this book helps me remember. Thank you Ree for that.

I would recommend this cookbook to anyone looking for an all around, every meal, comfort food fest. It’s fabulous and I’ll cook out of it for years to come!

Take a minute to fill out the form and I will let everyone know on the 1st of the New Year 2010 who one. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Here’s the Form Just Click to Fill it Out. Thanks!

*Also, as an update, this contest is open to anyone anywhere in the world that I can ship to.*

This book was purchased for our home library.
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11 Responses to The Pioneer Woman Cooks Giveaway

  1. zarpandit says:

    i love PW! recipes photos writes is very funny and delicious 🙂

  2. Pes says:

    I have only heard great things about this book. I was going to buy it but now I might just wait to see if I can win it!!

  3. Marjorie says:

    I filled out the form, what a super
    book to win.

  4. Lauri says:

    I have been wanting to get this book and I would love to win a signed copy!

  5. This looks like a fabulous cookbook! Great contest and very generous. 🙂

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