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Starting today, every Wednesday I will be doing a feature called “When I Was Young”. This will mainly highlight other book bloggers around the blogosphere, but occasionally we’ll have the pleasure of hearing from some close friends and family. The purpose behind the feature is to first of all get to know the interviewee and second to get to know an old favorite we may have long forgotten in our reading past. I believe that for each of us there was at least one book (maybe more for some) that stood out from the others. It was the one that got us started on our reading journey and opened our minds to the possibilities in our imaginations.


So, as an introduction I thought I would take a minute to complete the feature myself. Here goes:

1. When did you start your blog and why? Give us a little info about your blog too.

The main theme of this blog is: Because sometimes there’s a book that can transform your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Helping to find the best in children’s literature and encourage reading from the beginning.

I started this blog because I love reading and now that I have two children I want to share my love of reading with them. Reading has changed the way I view life and having children has done the same, but in completely different ways. Books can help you see the possibilities in life, all the avenues available and give you the courage to conquer your challenges. My children have taught me love and have opened my eyes to a different me than I ever thought possible. So, I say, why not merge these two?

After Turkeybird was born, it was clear, I needed to read to him. He loved it from a very young age, but I had a hard time deciding on the right books and a very limited budget. My husband had just started law school and our local library was in need of expansion. So, my options were limited, but I was determined. I found some great books that he still loves. And now I want to share them with others in hopes that they can avoid my struggle or at least navigate it a little more easily. I also wanted to share my feelings about the books I hope my kiddos will like when they are a little older (teenagers or so) and when I think they will be ready for them.

2. Tell us a little about yourself outside of your interest in books.

My main life revolves around the two kiddos and my husband (The Baker, as he has now been nicknamed, he’s hoping this isn’t going to be like Pioneer Woman’s ‘Marlboro Man’…I just snicker). Outside of them and reading you can possibly find me busy with my church, music (I’m a classically trained flutist for about 25 years), or quilting. I also dabble a bit in photography, but by no means am I any good.

3. Your favorite book from your youth and the story behind it. Also, you can include a short review of the book if you have time.

socksthecatWhen I was little there was a book by Beverly Cleary called Socks that I can still remember bringing on car rides. Mentally I can see myself looking over the top of the book looking at my mom and sisters hoping I can just get in one more page. It’s about a cat, and I loved cats when I was little (still do, but we can’t have any so yeah), that has white paws and a devoted family. Until a new baby arrives. I loved the story and it has stuck with me to this day. It was the story that got me to start my imagination going and realize I could picture things I read just like the movies on TV, but I could come up with the way it all looked. And I can’t wait to give a copy to The Turkeybird and Littlebug, although I think Bug may like it a little more, but we’ll see.

Interested in participating in “When I Was Young”? Let me know!

The1stdaughter’s favorite books currently:


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9 Responses to When I Was Young and An Introduction

  1. Gina says:

    This is a wonderful idea! I think you’ll accomplish what you set out to do with these posts….I mean what reader is not looking for their next book, hmm? Shining a light on old favorites is perfect, you never know what you’ll find and without people talking about them, probably would have missed it altogether. I look forward to participating in this soon! =0)

  2. Gillian says:

    I love this feature! I agree with Gina, you never know what amazing book you are going to find by the recommendation from others. I am so excited to participate in the future and to hear what other books people loved growing up!

  3. Petty Witter says:

    Good to get to know you a little better- what a wonderful idea this feature is, I’d love to take part. Looking forward to more of this and getting to know some more bloggers.

  4. Gina – I can’t wait to add you to my features list! And I’m really looking forward to finding out about your book.
    Gillian – Isn’t it great? I’m really excited to find out about some older books that I can share with the kiddos!
    Petty Witter – Thanks! I’d love to have you participate! I will try to link up with you and get you the info I need.

  5. This is a very welcoming site! I’m glad you posted something about yourself, too. I plan to email you separately about a book review.

  6. I dabble in photography too 🙂

    The Baker? I like that 🙂

    Have you picked up Ree’s new book yet?

    • Oh! I really wish I was better with photography, but I’ve been working on it slowly. It’s nice because my sisters and mom are all quite good so I always have great teachers! 🙂

      Yep, The Baker…he’s almost always finding something to bake up and add to my waist line, but I love it!

      I haven’t yet! But I really really want to! It looks so cute!

  7. anita buice says:

    Dear Danielle, I get a lot of adult books to review for my weekly column in our local newspaper and for my blog but I have more trouble finding childrens’ book authors. Can you please give me instruction on what I need to do. For instance, I’ve been to BEA. Is there a BEA just for childrens’ authors? Your website is my favorite. I hope that you will take a little time and look at Blessings, anita of

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