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pat-pat Baby Plays Pat-Pat from Begin Smart Books by Susan Baum

Published by Sterling Publishing Co.

12 Pages

Ages: Newborn to Six Months

Publishers Summary: The animal illustrations here are so simple and attractive—with white pictures on black backgrounds and black images on white—but they’re thoughtfully designed to help baby focus. And the irresistibly shiny embossing will tempt little ones to reach out and touch, adding an extra tactile dimension to the reading encounter.

Littlebug-What“Smack! Smack! Smack! Ever since my mom taught me that this book is all about me hitting the pages I just can’t seem to help myself. Smack! It has some fuzzy animal pictures on it, but I can’t really bother to look at them. Smack! All I want to do is hit the book! Smack!

“In all honesty I do like the book and the other ones like it. I like playing with my mom while we flip through the pages and giggle every time my mom joins in the fun, occasionally patting one or two of the animals. Granted she just doesn’t know how to get into it the way I do. This is one of my favorites to read with mom, and dad too.”

Hands“My two cents…well, on the cover of the book it says the following: ‘This book encourages – early visual activity, language development, hand control, and bonding.’ Also, the book is primarily for newborn to six month old children and Littlebug is now almost eleven months old. Although, I don’t always agree with age ranges on books, this is one I feel is rather appropriate. That being said, we did purchase this book back when Littlebug was much much younger and have used it since well before her six month birthday. To this day she still loves the interaction with not only the book, but whomever is reading it to her. Even if, I feel she is a bit beyond it developmentally and according to the publishers recommendation this is appropriate.

“Initially I purchased this book after seeing it in a local bookstore and thinking I would really like to try it out. Then after reading Booking Mama’s review of these books and our own personal trial with them I decided to pick up a few more. They’ve been great and even The Turkeybird has had a hard time keeping his hands off his little sister’s ‘pretty’ new books. I’d actually like to pick up a few more just to see how she likes the rest of the series.

“Another thing about these books that I like was the information provided to the parent by Begin Smart Books themselves. In each book there is a small section talking about how best to help your child to take advantage of the book. Also, on the Begin Smart website they have all sorts of suggestions to parents on how to pick books as well as tips on how to get your child involved in reading during everyday activities. All of the advice they provide is smart, to the point and very helpful.

Final opinion: Great books for early early readers and unlike some books the age ranges are very accurate. If you have a newborn to two year old I highly recommend purchasing or trying them out from your local library. The claims I mentioned early in regards to development I think vary depending on your child, but for the most part in some way to have a good affect in the long run. However they may help your child, I do believe that if nothing else these books are great for bonding with your little one and are a delight to read.”

This book was purchased for our home library.
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  2. Julie P. says:

    I adore these books. I have shared them with my nephew and he agrees!

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