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nightmarenavigatorThe Nightmare Navigator by Billy Bonsangue

Published by Tate Publishing

Ages: 9-12

Pages: 32

Publishers Summary: “When the lights go out, do the spooks come in? Afraid to fall asleep? Author Billy Bonsangue offers a fresh and unique approach to conquering the fears of nervous nappers. Perfect for bedtime, naptime, or anytime at all, The Nightmare Navigator, When Shadows Lurk, guides restless dreamers through some quick and easy steps to help minimize screaming and maximize dreaming. So, when the shadows are lurking and the nightlight’s not working, learn to fight the fright victoriously with The Nightmare Navigator and don’t dread your dreams. Who knows, you may even make some new pals.”


“Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night frightened from a dream that seemed too real? I think we all have and for most of us it happened quite often when we were very little. We dreamed of monsters, darkened places, high mountain cliffs with nowhere to go and the boogieman getting closer every second. As parents we struggle to help our children gather the courage to overcome there deepest fears and hope that the suggestions we give will help in some small way. The Nightmare Navigator is a book that can come to the rescue in those situations when we need just a little bit more help.

“In The Nightmare Navigator the main character, a young boy, who could be any boy or girl in your life, struggles to fight against the scary things that creep in the night. But within pages he finds the courage to overcome his fears and make them his strengths; his monsters into his allies. By the end of his journey he’s no longer afraid of the creepy things in the night, but excited to meet dreams every night.

“This was a fun read. All of the illustrations jump out at you from the very beginning and don’t stop, very reminiscent of popular comic books. with bright colors that pop. It’s a book that teaches kids to turn their fears around to something funny or just plain fun. As a child I remember my mom telling me to think of butterflies and rainbows as I fell asleep. The Nightmare Navigator offers a modern christian version of these things that I was taught. It’s neat to see the young boy turn his fears into something he can use to feel better and sleep well.

“It’s definitely a book for older children. As the recommended age is 9-12 I would highly advise abiding this recommendation, because though the book is colorful and ends on a good note it does start out a bit dark. As it should to help illustrate the ability to overcome the scary things we come in contact with when we let our guard down.  For me, as a child who suffered from very scary dreams (beyond what I think most have) this book may not have helped much, but there are many out there who it will help. The Nightmare Navigator is the perfect book for the guy or girl in your life who needs just a little more encouragement to conquer their nightmares ‘Valiantly’.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 10 and up for children needing just a bit more help fighting the monsters in their dreams.

Thank you to Billy Bonsangue, the author, who provided me this book for review at the San Luis Obispo Book Fair.
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