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babyanimalsgreenstartGreen Start: Baby Animals by Innovative Kids

Published by Innovative Kids

Pages: 20

Ages: 4-8

Publishers Summary: Where are all the baby animals? Some are nesting deep in the forest, others are playing high on a snowy mountain! But all these baby animals share something in common: they are all in danger of becoming extinct. Kids will love turning the pages to find out where each adorable baby animal lives in the wild.


“Some of you may know and others may not, but The Baker (my hubby) and I are very much in the transitional stage to a Green Family. This is partially due to the fact that being ‘green’ can sometimes be a little pricey. We do our best to eat local food, support our local book sellers and retailers, and in general try to purchase items that are good for the environment. Well, when I saw these books I thought not only absolutely adorable, but they could also help us to teach our little kiddos a little more about the earth we live in and should care for.

“Both The Turkeybird and Littlebug love these books! Each for different reasons:


The Turkeybird: “All of the animals hide from you! I love hide & go-seek and the book lets me play with the animals. Plus mom and dad are talking about planting an organic garden like it says in the back of the book! I can’t wait!”


Littlebug: “I just think the animals are so cute! Each page has such pretty colors and I love to flip through page after page. My favorite is definitely the gorilla though, he likes to eat bananas almost as much as I do!”

Mom Again: “Plus, for me as the mom of two kiddos I find it very difficult to come up with ways to explain (on my own) why things are the way they are in our environment. I mean, how would you explain to a three year old what the word endangered means? And also, how can you help to protect the animals in the book we just read? How would you? For this reason I think the last two pages of the book are just perfect. They give tips and answer questions all about endangered animals, the types and how they became that way, and also all kinds of ideas on how to help in your own back yard.

“As a side note, you should know that the book is made of 98% recycled materials (including the ink). The use of these materials makes for a unique look you won’t see many other places. It’s almost like cardboard, but definitely more sturdy and childproof (ie. Littlebug “biting-proof”).

“This is a wonderful book for families who are trying to live a ‘greener’ lifestyle with little ones. And even if you don’t fall into that category but want to teach your kiddos all about the different animals around the world, it’s perfect. As I’ve said, so far in this home it’s been well accepted by a 1 year old and a 3 year old and I can see it continuing to be a favorite around the house.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Kids and Adults alike with a love of learning more about endangered animals around the globe. Definitely fits the publishers guidelines of 4-8, but you can start even earlier without any hesitation at all.

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For the comments: Are you trying to live a “greener” lifestyle? How so? And how does this apply to the books you purchase (if at all)?

This book was purchased for our home library.
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  2. Abbie says:

    I LOVE this book and so does Ella. The colors against the recycled paper is just gorgeous and Ella loves finding the animals that are hiding. I’m going to look into more books like this. Not only are they fantastic books but they’re doing something good for our planet. 🙂 Thanks for sending it our way!!!

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