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happyfaceHappyface by Stephen Emond (Review Copy provided by Little Brown Books for Young Readers)

Published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers

Ages: Young Adult

Pages: 320

Publishers Summary: Just put on a happy face! Enter Happyface’s journal and get a peek into the life of a shy, artistic boy who decides to reinvent himself as a happy-go-lucky guy after he moves to a new town. See the world through his hilariously self-deprecating eyes as he learns to shed his comic-book-loving, computer-game playing ways. Join him as he makes new friends, tries to hide from his past, and ultimately learns to face the world with a genuine smile. With a fresh and funny combination of text and fully integrated art, Happyface is an original storytelling experience.


“What if you had the chance to start over, to be a new person…would you? This is exactly what happens to Happyface, he’s given the opportunity to start anew and make a name for himself in a new school with new friends. It doesn’t come without consequence and what results is his very own journey into who he truly is. And, I loved it.

“The new rage in story telling it seems is this journal mixed with art as is seen in books like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Artsy Fartsy. I’m a huge fan when it’s done right and Happyface falls into that category easily for me. I might also add that in an environment where finding books for boys can be difficult I find that this is a welcome addition. Stephen Emond has done a fabulous job by creating a well written and interactive story, in which boys and girls will connect to if for no other reason than through  the means by which his story is told.

“Happyface’s story is one that many kids can relate to these days. Parents separated, troubles with siblings, difficult times with kids in school and a hard time with school in general. Without a doubt much of the world’s teenage population has dealt with one or more of these problems. In Happyface the main character (called by the name of “Happyface” throughout) is given a chance to start over, he begins as a new face – a happy face if you will – with new possibilities and he decides to make the most of the opportunity. I won’t ruin the story for you, but I will say this, as we all do – Happyface stumbles. Through his struggles, new friendships and old, Happyface will finally come to see who he truly is and who he values most in his life.

Happyface is a fresh new take on a reoccurring theme in many homes today and even those without the opportunity to ‘start over’ will learn a little bit about themselves. Be aware, it’s a story with heartache and reality that’s sometimes hard to take, but necessary for the story. You won’t regret picking this one up and it’s definitely a book teenagers will absolutely connect with.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 14 and up. Mature themes including alcoholism and death.

For the Comments: What are your feelings about the newly popular illustrated/comic style available in many books recently? Like it? Hate it?

This book was provided by Little Brown Books for Young Readers for review. Thank you!
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11 Responses to Happyface by Stephen Emond

  1. Julie says:

    Nice review–thanks for sharing!

  2. Gina says:

    You know, it’s funny that you reviewed this one…I just picked it up the other day to investigate it past the cover art. LOL. It sounds like a wonderful read…touching on many things teens deal with today but in a safe enviroment.

    Regarding the trend of journal type books, as you said, if they are done right, I love them. Of not, it can end up being hard to follow or similiar to a comic boo unstructured.

    Thanks for sharing….and happy reading! ^_^
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..The Roving Reader =-.

    • That is pretty funny! The cover art doesn’t reveal too much about the book, but it is quite catchy I think. I agree…when done well they can be great, but otherwise can really fall quite flat. Thanks so much!

  3. Aths says:

    Love the sound of this book. I agree that this is a book that kids should read due to the many important themes it covers.

  4. Great review – I wanted to let you know that I have a little award for you over on my book blog – Check it out!
    .-= OutnumberedMama´s last blog ..Thanks Jillian! I am officially a "Prolific Blogger"!!! =-.

  5. Shannon says:

    I am picking this up for my 15 year old son – thanks for the tip!

  6. Winnie says:

    I love this book its the most awesomest book i ever read. This really relate to teenage life.

  7. Loved this book. Read it in high school and has now (as an adult in college) inspired me to write my own book. Hope it can make a big hit as well. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

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