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One More Sheep by Mij KellyOne More Sheep by Mij Kelly Illustrated by Russell Ayto

Published by Peachtree Publishers

Pages: 32

Ages: 4-8

Publishers Summary: ON A WILD, WINDY NIGHT in a thunderstorm, Sam brings his ten sheep home and tucks them in bed for the night, with woolly socks on their feet and woolly hats on their heads. The shepherd wants to make sure he’s rounded up all of them. But counting sheep always makes him fall asleep!

A knock on the door in the middle of the night wakes up Sam and his flock. How will Sam know that the knock on the door isn’t a lost lamb but a wolf when he can’t count up to ten without falling asleep? Now it’s up to the fast-thinking sheep to help him…before it’s too late!

Author Mij Kelly’s imaginative, funny counting book told in rhyme will delight young readers with its silly, offbeat storyline and amusing cast of characters. Illustrator Russell Ayto’s appealing cartoon-like illustrations featuring outsized dimensions and slapstick action add to the manic fun.

The Turkeybird Speaks: “One…two…three…four…Oh no! He fell asleep again! Haha! That farmer just can’t seem to stay awake for any reason, not even if there’s a big bad wolf trying to sneak in the front door. My favorite part though, is the big bed with all the sheep lined up in a row. Can you even imagine having a bed that big? So crazy!

“I really like this book. It’s so fun to count over and over to ten while I’m trying to make sure the farmer doesn’t fall asleep again. Because I don’t want that big bad wolf to get in the house! The bright colors are so neat too. But my favorite part is when the sheep all sing and dance their way to number ten, because I love to dance and I love to count. Such a fun book that I’m really excited to share with my little sister Bug soon!”

Illustration from One More Sheep by Mij Kelly Illustrated by Russell Ayto provided by Peachtree Publishers

Mom’s Two Cents: “We’ve been on a sheep kick here in the There’s A Book household and One More Sheep by Mij Kelly has definitely made the list. One More Sheep is the hilarious telling of a hungry wolf trying to sneak into a farmer’s house full of sheep during the night of a dreadful storm. Normally the farmer, Sam, would recognize the wolf, but he has (of course) disguised his appearance. The only way for Sam to know for sure that all his sheep are in for the night is to count them, but we all know what happens when humans try to count sheep…zzzzz…

“This is a quirky story with delightful characters that will have kiddos laughing, and counting, to the last page. Especially while having them help to make sure Sam counts all the way to ten sheep before falling asleep and letting in the big bad wolf. The story line is fantastic and yet again Russell Ayto proves to be one of my favorite illustrators. The shapes interwoven into the images on the page making his illustrations appear as a well sewn quilt. This is a book for parents and children alike with a great story and even a bit of a counting lesson. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep before you count the tenth sheep!”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 and up. Great especially for beginning counters who love to be involved in a story!

For the Comments: Is there an animal you are particularly fond of seeing in a book?

This book was provided for review by Peachtree Publishers, find them on Twitter here and at their blog, The World of Peachtree Publishers. Images provided courtesy of the Publisher. Thank you!
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10 Responses to One More Sheep by Mij Kelly Illustrated by Russell Ayto

  1. Erin says:

    I am so glad that the little Turkeybird loved this book as much as I do!

  2. Gina says:

    What a great little book! Glad to see Turkeybird and Mom enjoyed the story. Love the irony there….the sheep dressed in wooly socks and hats. The artwork look very fun from just the cover image! Who would have thought a farmer that couldn’t count his own flock to make sure they’re all accounted for? Oh, wait…this author…LOL….what I meant to say is great new take on the whole “wolf in sheep’s clothing” bit.

    My favorite animal to see in books….well, that’s easy….the loveable, huggable, wondeful…DOG! Though most people that have read my blog probably could have guessed that one. ^_^ Thanks for sharing…and happy reading!
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..‘Informal’ Blog Tour: The Heart is Not a Size by Beth Kephart =-.

  3. Erin – Thanks for giving us the chance to read it! We absolutely love it!

    Gina – I had a feeling you would say dogs…hehe. Definitely a great take on the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” bit!

  4. Darling book! Looks like very original illustrations! I love seeing cats in books. I love cats and reading a sweet story about them to my children!
    .-= Mary Elizabeth´s last blog ..Book Review #6 =-.

  5. Christie says:

    I think my girls would love this one. My 3 year old counts everything. I know she’d love to count the sheep in this book. As for animal characters I enjoy it would have to be frogs.
    .-= Christie´s last blog ..Waiting on Wednesday (10) =-.

    • She would love this! My son is a 3 year old counter too, it’s so cute! Frogs…so much fun! I’m reviewing a book with a sheep AND a frog soon with a giveaway, you’ll have to look for it!

  6. Aths says:

    This is such a cute book! I myself feel like reading it. LOL!
    .-= Aths´s last blog ..Friday Finds — May 21, 2010 =-.

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