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A Place for Delta by Melissa Walker and Illustrated by Richard Walker

Published by Whale Tale Press

Pages: 272

Ages: 9-12

Publishers Summary: Joseph can hardly believe what he has been asked to do.  His Aunt Kate is waiting for him at a research station and needs help taking care of an orphaned polar bear cub only a few months old.  He will leave his friends and family and venture to the farthest northern town in the United States: Barrow, Alaska.

As the adventure unfolds, Joseph and his newfound Eskimo friend Ada find mysteries wherever they look.  The bear cub, Delta, remains in danger. Who would want a polar bear dead?  Joseph will have to look to the North Georgia woods and his family to save Delta.

When his parents were kids, they too embarked on an excursion into the unknown. Their encounters with the wilderness beyond their backyard have molded the future for Joseph and Delta. A Place for Delta is about one family’s journey–a passage born in the Appalachian mountains and leading to the Arctic.

An adventure is happening wherever you are, should be Joseph’s motto. No matter the location, be it the woods of North Georgia or the frozen terrain of Alaska, Joseph seems to find adventure and mystery without seeking it out. With the help of his loving Aunt Kate, Joseph takes off on the adventure of a lifetime! Caring for a small polar bear cub named Delta and seeking out the reason for the her mother’s mysterious disappearance. Along the way he makes some new friends, including Ada and Chipic , but also discovers there are enemies that were never expected. It’s an adventure from beginning to end.

A Place for Delta is a book that from beginning to end had me thinking of my time reading White Fang by Jack London when I was younger. They have a lot of differences, but the important things are present in both books. The adventure, the environmental impact, the writing and the overall appeal to young readers, especially boys. Melissa Walker has truly brought to life the adventure that can lie outside our backdoor and the importance of preserving those cherished places.

“Another of the amazing components of the book were the illustrations, so different from anything I’d ever seen, but along with the story left a lasting impact.

“This next one of Delta, the polar bear cub struck me as I read the book. You can imagine sitting in the room with her, almost touching the soft white fur that encloses her small body. It was just beautiful.

“This is the journey of not only a small polar bear cub to a new home, but of a boy who finds adventure around every corner. A Place for Delta is a book for young readers looking for something exciting in their very own world; no need for wands, wizards or dragons…just look out your own backdoor to find your next great adventure. They may even learn a thing or two about saving the wonderful resources we have before us. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from Delta & Joseph and I know of a very adventurous boy who will love their stories as well.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 8 and up. Adventuresome kids everywhere will love Joseph’s adventures with Delta.

For the Comments: Is there an outdoors place you would miss were it not there tomorrow?

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13 Responses to Book Review: A Place for Delta by Melissa Walker and Illustrated by Richard Walker

  1. Felicia says:

    Oh I have a few smaller cousins I will have to recommend this too. After spending some time with them at the family reunion this past weekend, I think they would love this book!

  2. NotNessie says:

    I’m not sure I’m a fan of the illustrations, but they certainly are striking.

  3. Looks like a very unique book in the nature genre…
    Outdoors place I would miss if it were not there tomorrow – this would have to be the pond in our subdivision. It is a little pond, yet very peaceful and buzzing with nature. I love it, and so do my children!

    • It’s very unique, especially as far as recently published books go. I haven’t seen too many like this one and it’s definitely needed.

      Your pond sounds fabulous! I could sit down with a great book and read for hours I think! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Aww, this book looks really cute 🙂

  5. Gina says:

    The illustrations are certainly unique…definitely add an unexpected flair to this already touching story. As for a place I’d miss if it were gone….I’d have to say the forest, not a particular part…but I remember from up North the forest and the peace and serenity you could feel there. Also a GREAT place for un-interrupted reading. ^_^

    • I would love to see the forests up North! I’ve been to some more “woodsy” areas in So. California, but nothing that even compares to the forests in Washington and Oregon for example. One day I’ll visit, I’m sure!

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  7. My daughter recommended this blog, and she is absolutely right in every way, Keep up all your terrific work.

  8. As the illustrator, I hope I’m allowed to comment. Obviously, I like a good review. It was nice to see the illustations along with your careful consideration. I’m a big Jack London fan as well. If you have any questions about the illustrations, let me know. Keep up the good work. I think review like this are very important!

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