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Simple Steps Activity Book by Molly Smith and Illustrated by Tad Carpenter

Published by Chronicle Books

Pages: 80


Publishers Summary: It’s easy and fun to be green! Printed on 100% recycled materials and developed in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council, this one-of-a-kind activity book encourages kids to reduce waste and make their homes, schools, and neighborhoods more environmentally friendly. It’s packed with plenty of in-book and out-of-book activities and 2 pages of stickers. Kids will have a blast while they develop an understanding of local and worldwide environmental challenges.

The Turkeybird Speaks: “I love sticker books! Did you see the discussion all about how sticker books helped me to learn to speak? It was great, if I do say so myself! Sticker and activity books are some of my favorite types of books most of all because I love to learn new things. Also they’re great because I get to work with mom and dad. I always love being able to find the right sticker or draw something that they get really excited over! It’s so neat to have them say that I did a ‘great job’!

“This activity book has been so much fun, because there are stickers and I get to color in it. One of the first activities I did was learn all about different whales from all over the world. It was so so neat! My mom even took a picture:

“I just love learning about the outdoors and outer-space right now, so it was perfect! There are pages all about animals and plants and even some about cars, which you all know I am a huge fan of. It was also really fun to learn how to help mom by making sure to turn my light off when I leave my bedroom and not run the water too long after I wash my hands. There were so many things to learn, and I’m still not done. I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll get to do a little bit more with mom or dad, because it’s just so much fun!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “The Baker and I are definitely of the mindset that we have the ability to impact our environment by taking small and simple steps. We believe it’s important to care for not only the earth we live on, but also our bodies, by way of monitoring our food sources. Yes, for some it may be extreme, but for us it works. That’s not to say we aren’t without fault when it comes to being ‘green’, but we definitely try our best to be mindful of our individual impact on the earth. Because of this we also feel responsible to carry that knowledge on to Turkeybird and Littlebug and Simple Steps is a great book for just that purpose.

“Yes, the book is for kids a bit older than ours, it recommends ages 9-12, but there’s no need to hold back. I’m a firm believer that activity books are meant to be an involved activity with both parent and child. So, if you take this advice to heart it’s easy to take topics like ‘The Problem with Plastic’ and ‘Energy in Motion’ and make them applicable even to little kids. Besides, Simple Steps is loaded with fantastic stickers and coloring activities that you can use to help illustrate each of the topics. As you can plainly see, The Turkeybird gets pretty excited about finding the right sticker to go in the right place:

“This is definitely one of my new favorites when it comes to activity books. Some activity books can be pretty basic and carry very little variety, but not Simple Steps. From our homes to the forests and oceans, you learn how we each have an impact on our world and what we can do even as children to make a difference. In addition to that there’s even a guide to buying seasonal produce and using your local farmer’s markets. Simple Steps is just that, the simple steps we can take in our individual lives to improve the quality of life for ourselves and everything in the earth around us. A wonderful activity books for kids and parents to share and learn from.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 and up. A perfect activity book for little ones beginning to learn about our earth and great for parent interaction!

For the Comments: Is there anything “simple” your family does to try and make the earth a more healthy place for all of us?

Simple Steps has quickly become a favorite that we want to share. Because of this, There’s A Book is offering 5 copies to our wonderful readers. Each winner, 5 total, will receive one copy of the Simple Steps Activity Book by Molly Smith.

Details: Five winners will be chosen at random after the contest closes to receive one copy each. You MUST fill out the form below, comments will not count as entries. Only one entry per household. Must be a follower of There’s A Book. Giveaway is open to US/Canadian Residents only. The giveaway will run from June 24, 2010 until July 16, 2010 midnight EST.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you so much to all who entered, please check back soon for the winning announcement! Make sure to check back often for more great giveaways coming very soon!

This book was provided by Lara from Chronicle Books. Thank you! Make sure to take a look at their website and find them on Twitter here.
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  1. NotNessie says:

    This sounds like a fantastic book. Like you, I’m always looking for ways to reduce my family’s environmental impact, and to teach my kids about it.

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