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The Adventures of Precious the dog by Precious

Published by Imajackrussell

Pages: 9

Publishers Summary: Precious and Lizie Play Hide and Seek is the first book in The Adventures of Precious The Dog series of childrens books, by Anipal, known on Twitter as @Imajackrussell.
The first book in the series is a tale of a Jack Russell Terrier and her backyard friends after her humans create a backyard habitat.
Precious shows how she has fun with her anipals, Mrs. Butterfly, Birdie, and, of course, the clever Lizie the lizard.

“Precious the dog has many adventures, and this is just the beginning of a very promising series. Her friends range from Lizie (featured in this first book), Birdie, Butterfly and I’m sure more to come. Her days are filled with hide-and-go-seek, playing and just about anything that a dog loves doing.

“One of the truly fun things about the series is the interactive part. Precious is actually available online via Twitter, with a very large following I might add. Everyday you can watch what she’s up to and who she’s playing with, it makes the series come alive before your eyes. As an adult with an understanding of how the internet works, this added so much to the book, because it made it more enjoyable to see where Precious went from the close of the book. For a child though, outside of seeing the occasional photo or video online, it doesn’t help much.

“Littlebug is definitely a big fan of Precious and her book. She loves dogs right now more than just about anything as well as flowers and the outdoors, all of which are in the book. She would continually say ‘d-dog, d-dog‘ and ‘flower‘, so cute! She truly enjoys watching precious chase Lizzie around and talk to Mrs. Butterfly and Birdie.

The Adventures of Precious the dog is definitely a series with promise, as I stated earlier. As a character, Precious is perfect, she has a fun personality and does things that kids just love to see. Her online presence also adds to the overall enjoyment of the book, even if it’s not entirely accessible to little ones. If I had any qualms about the book itself it would have to be that the images in the actual book don’t vary much and I wanted to ‘see’ a little more about Precious’ day. Overall though, a fun read and great for little pint size dog lovers.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 1 and up. A fun read for beginning readers and animal lovers everywhere.

For the Comments: How do you feel about finding your favorite characters online in places like Twitter and Facebook?

This book was provided by the author, Precious. Thank you!

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7 Responses to Book Review: The Adventures of Precious the dog by Precious

  1. I wrote in a post here recently that I always wanted a Jack Russell Terrier. I’ve got to add this one to my list of books to read! Glad you featured this one. I want to read it with my baby! =)

  2. I’m so happy Littlebug enjoyed my book. Thank you for reviewing it.

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