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Spaceheadz by Jon Scieszka and Illustrated by Shane Prigmore

Published by Simon and Schuster

Ages: Middle Grade (7-10)

Pages: 176

Publishers Summary: The perfect combination of the age old experience of holding and pouring over a physical book with newest media technology that kids love!
Michael K. just started fifth grade at a new school. As if that wasn’t hard enough, the kids he seems to have made friends with apparently aren’t kids at all. They are aliens. Real aliens who have invaded our planet in the form of school children and a hamster. They have a mission to complete: to convince 3,140,001 kids to BE SPHDZ. But with a hamster as their leader, “kids” who talk like walking advertisements, and Michael K as their first convert, will the SPHDZ be able to keep their cover and pull off their assignment?

“It’s Micheal’s first day in a new school and the last thing he expected was to be stuck with the weird kids. Well, that’s where he is. One is chewing on a pencil and the other is quoting TV commercials as regular conversation, and lets not even get started with the hamster. Life couldn’t get much worse for Micheal, or so he thought. That is until he found out his new classmates have enlisted him in an intergalactic conflict that could end with the earth being shut-off. Everything depends on Micheal and whether he will help his new classmates, but is he up for the challenge?

Spaceheadz is hilarious from page one all the way to the very end. As a mom who grew up with two sisters and no brothers, it’s sometimes hard to relate to things that boys find funny. Well, fortunately (or not) for me my husband grew up in a house of four boys and has been educating me on the often disgusting behaviors of young boys. Thankfully, Spaceheadz isn’t anywhere near as yucky as some of the things I’ve learned about boys (well, realistically, I always have known boys were yucky), but it’s definitely got what I like to call ten year old boy humor. Like quoting from toilet paper or odd cereal commercials at inopportune times. None of it is crude in anyway, just absolutely hilarious, and something boys of all ages will connect with immediately.

“In addition to the comedy factor of the book, there are snippets of educational information thrown in as well as online sites that get the reader more involved. Each educational page relates in some way to the story, but also stands out in such a way that makes the reader pause to think about what’s being taught. For example, there’s an entire page on Interference/Amplification with pictures and graphs to help explain more about the topic. Because the aliens aka SPHDZ (Spaceheadz) live off of the sound waves and energy from earth, this ties in perfectly with the story and makes it that much more fun.

Spaceheadz is fantastic! From the illustrations to the story there is never a dull moment. This is definitely a book that I can’t wait to share with The Turkeybird in a few years just so that I can hear him chuckle all the way through each and every page. It’s fun, educational and interactive with numerous online sites to make the reading experience that much better. Spaceheadz is a book that will have even the most reluctant readers (boys and even girls) reading again and again.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 7 and up. Perfect, especially for boys and reluctant readers with a great sense of humor and a penchant for learning random facts. This will have them rolling on the ground with laughter throughout each page.

My SPHDZ Name and Number: Citrus-flavor Mayonnaise-SPHDZ.DS #7522

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    • Amelia Rules! The Tweenage Guide to Not Being Unpopular by Jimmy Gownley
    • Nightmare at the Book Fair by Dan Gutman
    • Keepers of the School: We The Children by Andrew Clements

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19 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway: Spaceheadz by Jon Scieszka and Shane Prigmore

  1. Mardel says:

    Sczieska is such a good writer – I’ve enjoyed each of his books that I’ve been able to read, though I haven’t been able to read ALL of his books. A very talented guy, this Sczieska!

  2. Erin says:

    My little brother would LOVE this book! Great review as always. If I don’t win, I’ll certainly be buying it from my brother!

  3. Can I be a SPHD? Love the trailer. Great giveaway too. Jon Scieszka’s birthday is coming up September 8! Hooray!

  4. Gina says:

    Great review! Definitely agree, the Spaceheadz adventure can be shared by one and all. The educational bits in the book just add to the adventure….it’s almost like V8 but with books. The “goodness” is snuck in with something already appealing. Happy reading!

  5. Jessi E. says:

    I love reading your posts because you feature some great books for boys and for younger kids as well!

  6. This is a great set of books – thanks for hosting!

  7. We have read his picture books but we, my 5-year-old son and I, are huge fans of Jon Scieszka.

  8. FrugalMom says:

    My oldest son would love these.

  9. FrugalMom says:

    I added your giveaways to the Thursday Book Giveaway Linky @ Story Time Under The Stars and Frugality Is Free.

    Story Time Under the Stars

  10. Gladys says:

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