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The Three Horrid Little Pigs by Liz Pichon

Published by Tiger Tales Books

Pages: 32

Ages: 3-7 years

Publishers Summary: What happens when the three little pigs are so horrid they even drive their own mother crazy? She sends them away to make their own homes. The first little pig steals straw from the cows in the field to build his house and the second little pig takes the twigs from the birds to build his house. The third little pig is so lazy he just moves into a chicken coop and now the hens have nowhere to go. When each of the little pigs find themselves without sturdy homes of their own, along comes the big, friendly wolf (who just happens to be a builder) to help the three horrid little pigs see the error of their ways!

The Turkeybird Speaks: “It’s been awhile, but I’m so glad to make another appearance! Especially for Once Upon A Week! Fairy tales are supposed to be all about the girlie princesses with wands and glitter, well, not my choice. So there! Mine is all about the 3 little pigs, well, the Three Horrid Little Pigs to be exact. They’re so messy and rude. I mean, did you see the donut all over that guys face and the mo-hawk on the other one? They’re tough! Well, that is until their mom kicks them out on their own, because they destroy everything. My mom would never do that, right? (Mom interjecting…”No, Turkeybird, don’t worry!”)

“Well, it’s a good thing this great and really cool wolf comes along with the neatest tool belt and red tool box to fix them up. But they aren’t very smart and tell him to go away! Can you believe it? He was going to make them a great house! Finally though, the pigs figure out they can’t do it on their own and go to the wolf for help. He teaches them all about building and cleaning up and they are all friends in the end. This is a great book! It’s way better than any princess fairy tale and I know there are a lot of little boys that will be happy to hear that.”

Mom’s Two Cents: “I’m also very excited to share this great new take on an old fairy tale for Once Upon A Week! The Three Horrid Little Pigs is currently at the top of The Turkeybird’s reading list and for very good reason. In this rendition of the tale of the three little pigs instead of getting the mean old wolf blowing all the houses down, you get the three terrible and horrid little pigs with a very helpful wolf.

“The pigs, recently sent out into the world by their mother, have decided to make homes out of the most ridiculous items including: straw, twigs and even a chicken coop. When the wolf see’s each pig’s predicament he ventures out to help, but is met by nothing but rude behavior. In the end, they come to their senses and the wolf ends up helping them to be the great little independent cheery pigs their mother hoped they would be.

The Three Horrid Little Pigs is truly a book any little boy or girl will love. It’s wonderful for teaching the benefits of being kind, helpful as well as resourceful. As a parent who really enjoyed the original version of The Three Little Pigs I actually care for this version a great deal more. It’s definitely more kid-friendly and the story as well as the illustrations are adorable. This is a must have for fans of fairy tales with little one’s in the home, you’ll love reading it over and over!”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 and up. This is a fantastic new take on an old fairy tale that little boys and girls will want to read over and over again! Perfect for teaching the benefits of being clean and helpful to others.

For the Comments: Which is your favorite fairy tale to tell your children or little ones in your life?

This book was provided by Tiger Tales Books for review. Thank you!  Make sure to follow them on Twitter here and check back soon for a special feature with this great children’s book publisher!
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12 Responses to Book Review: The Three Horrid Little Pigs by Liz Pichon

  1. Mardel says:

    I really do need to get this one – I think both of the grandchildren would love it. Sounds like it has some laughs – which we all love. Thanks for the review on this. 🙂

  2. Looks cute!! Might need to snag this one for my monkeys!

  3. Cool!
    I love the new picture of Turkeybird 🙂

  4. NotNessie says:

    This looks great! I love books that manage to sneak in some good values in a great story.

  5. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    We are so thrilled that you and Turkeybird loved our book. We have posted a link to your blog on our facebook page. We love new fans!
    Happy Reading,
    Elizabeth Bennett
    tiger tales

  6. Love renditions of 3 little pigs. I will have to check this one out.

    My favorite fairy tale to read to my family is The Gingerbread Man.

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