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Sticky Burr: The Prickly Peril by John Lechner

Published by Candlewick Press

Pages: 56

Ages: 6-10

Publishers Summary: Welcome back to Burrwood Forest, where Sticky Burr and his friends are getting ready for a harvest fair. But not if Scurvy Burr can help it! The most prickly burr of all (some even call him an evil genius), Scurvy is stuck on jabbing squirrels, making trouble, and keeping all the burrs prickly through and through, whatever it takes. So say good-bye to ukuleles and niceness and get ready for spiders and beetles and sinister villains as Scurvy schemes to give the hook to Sticky Burr’s cheerful plans!
The dastardly Scurvy Burr grabs the spotlight in this second graphic storybook about the exciting goings-on in Burrwood Forest.

“Sticky Burr’s life is a constant adventure. In his previous story, Adventure’s in Burrwood Forest, he was rescuing lightning bugs and stopping a group of rabid dogs from attacking his village. Of course, he couldn’t escape a struggle and adventure in the second book, The Prickly Peril! Told from the perspective of the grumpy and often rude Scurvy Burr, you learn of his attempts to rid their village of Sticky Burr forever. Unfortunately, Scurvy doesn’t realize that the means to rid himself of this unique burr could be the end of the village he loves.

“John Lechner is exactly the type of author young readers need today, especially boys. He’s written an incredible adventure in a new land, unique new characters and an unbelievably fun story. Set up in a way that makes it much like a comic book, each page is easy to read, but entertaining. Not only that, but Lechner thought to include an entire map of the Burrwood Forest (seen below) to enable readers to flip back and see exactly where their hero and his bully are traveling.

“One of the aspects of this story, as opposed to the first book, that I really loved (but didn’t think I would) was that it was told by Scurvy Burr. Yes, Scurvy. He’s the bully of the village that is featured in the first book picking on Sticky throughout the story and I couldn’t help but dislike him initially. Although, through this second story you are able to see things a little differently when the attention is turned toward Scurvy. I loved that he was so focused on his goal, so much so that he forgot to look at the consequences of his actions. Something kids, and adults, do quite often. It’s an invaluable lesson to teach children, done in an incredibly quirky and fun way.

“Sticky Burr’s adventures have quickly become one of my favorite series for children, especially during those first few years of school. It’s important to get them started reading things they enjoy, but that can help them to learn a little at the same time. Sticky Burr: The Prickly Peril doesn’t fail in this. Kids will be laughing and reading as fast as they can to see what will happen in Sticky Burr’s world next. This series is a hit in our home now and I’m sure it will be one the Turkeybird  as well as Littlebug read for many years to come.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 5 and up. Early readers who love adventure and a great laugh will fall in love with Sticky Burr and his great group of burr friends!

My review of the first book, Sticky Burr: Adventure’s In Burrwood Forest.

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And now, the winner of the Hardback set of both Sticky Burr books! Congratulations to:

Patricia H.

Interested in reading more of John Lechner’s books, but don’t know which to choose? Try his website or take a look at his new Interactive book, Elfbook: The Curious Journey, which is now available to view for free via the internet site!

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2 Responses to Book Review: Sticky Burr – The Prickly Peril by John Lechner

  1. Ahhh. Sounds cute and full of lessons.

    Life can be a sticky burr sometimes 😉

  2. Kelly B says:

    Awesome looking book. I am sure that there will be a lot of very happy little readers out there. Congrats to the winner!

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