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A Vampire Is Coming To Dinner! 10 Rules to Follow by Pamela Jane and Illustrated by Pedro Rodriguez

Published by Price Stern Sloan (An Imprint of Penguin USA)

Pages: 16

Ages: 3-5

Publishers SummaryRead along as the narrator of this story comes up with some very practical rules for dealing with a vampire. But rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they? From feeding the vampire garlic to filling the house with mirrors, the narrator is doing just that! With ten full-page gatefolds and a pop at the end of the book, kids will love seeing which rules are being followed and which aren’t!

The Turkeybird Speaks: “Okay, first of all, did you see my 20 Question Interview with Pamela? It was amazing! You are seriously missing out if you didn’t read it. There are cats and dogs, hot air balloon rides and of course, Halloween! I’ll wait, go read it…

“So, was I right? It’s great, isn’t it? I’m really loving the interviews. It’s all the questions my mom never lets me ask her over and over and I get to ask some of my favorite authors. I love it! Well, we should get to the book I guess.

“Vampires? Ahhh! I had no idea what a vampire even was until my mom showed me this book, but in the end I felt worse for the vampire than I did the little boy. Which my mom tells me isn’t always what happens, but she didn’t say much more than that. Really though, this poor guy gets stuff dumped on his head, a waterfall in his path and he’s attacked by a pack of kitties! Crazy, right? In the end though they all get together and have a big monster party just in time for Halloween. It’s great! This is great to get you ready for trick-or-treating, but I’m not so sure I’d take the advice of the little boy in the book…even if he is pretty funny.”

Mom’s Two Cents: “Vampires over for dinner? Or more like vampire for dinner? In the book A Vampire Is Coming to Dinner! a little boy does his best to thwart the efforts of a kindly vampire trying to share a meal. He breaks every cardinal rule of dealing with vampires from mirrors to garlic to bright lights, but manages only to terrify the vampire instead of the other way around. In the end they turn out to be friends and throw a big party just in time for Halloween.

“This truly is such a fun book for the Halloween season as well as great for teaching kiddos a little about manners. At first I was a little worried the Turkeybird wouldn’t quite catch on to the idea of vampires (and I’m still not sure he entirely understands, but that’s okay), but he really gets into all the funny things the boy in the book does. He also loves the great pop-up feature at the end of the book for the monster party. It was also a great lead-in for a simple discussion about manners and how to treat guests coming over for dinner without seeming to formal.

“A humorous tale for the Halloween season with a bit of manners to boot. Definitely perfect for little ones getting ready for having company over for the first time or even just getting excited about the upcoming trick-or-treating season! Additionally, the illustrations are beautiful and add so much to the telling of the story. With the added bonus of a pop-up party on the last page A Vampire Is Coming to Dinner! is sure to please early readers and toddlers alike. A must have for the spooky season approaching!”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 and up. Trick-or-treaters get ready, you’ll definitely want this treat in your stash of vampire tales and how-to handbooks. From garlic to mirrors little ones are sure to pick up on some manners in this fun take on a vampire tale.

For the Comments: What are you dressing up as this Halloween?
Our answers: Mom & Dad: Innocent Bystanders; Turkeybird and Littlebug: A zombie and a flower from Plants vs. Zombies


Thanks to the author, Pamela Jane, and TLC Book Tours I have the one copy of A Vampire Is Coming To Dinner! 10 Rules to Follow to giveaway to my readers!

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9 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway: A Vampire Is Coming To Dinner by Pamela Jane

  1. This looks really cute, and we love building up our Halloween books supply! Thanks!

  2. Gina says:

    Great post and perfect for the season. I can definitely see a lot of little ones wanting to take a peek at this….good luck everyone!

  3. How cute. I love this cover too.

  4. It sure seems like this is the perfect kids book for this time of year. So glad you both enjoyed it. Thanks for being on the tour, and Happy Halloween!

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