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This Little Piggy (and other favorite action rhymes) Illustrated by Hannah Wood

Published by Tiger Tales Books

Pages: 24

Ages: 2-5

Publishers Summary: Sing, tickle, wiggle, and clap! Little ones can join in the fun with this lively collection of traditional fingerplays and action verses. Enjoy more than fifteen favorite laptime rhymes, including “Pat-a-Cake,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” and “The Wheels on the Bus,” all whimsically illustrated by Hannah Wood.

This companion to the bestsellers Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Hickory, Dickory, Dock is the perfect first book for every child!

Littlebug Speaks: “Roast beef…market…wee wee wee weeeee, all the way home! Piggy book, piggy book! This is the best book! There are so many books I love, but this one is so so good. Mostly because I love it when my mom sings and she has to sing some of the pages to me in this book. Plus, she does the This Little Piggy with my toes and it’s so funny!

“I’d definitely recommend this book to any little girl or boy you know who loves hearing about piggies, rowing boats, teapots, pat-a-cakes, and buses! I’m an especially big fan of the buses and piggies, but that’s just me. Every time I read this one with my mom I ask her to read it again and again, just so I can hear her sing and we can dance together. So much fun!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “Absolutely adorable! This is without a doubt one of my favorite nursery rhyme books. It’s simple, colorful, fun and has all the nursery rhymes I remember from my own youth. From Row Row Row Your Boat to If You’re Happy and You Know It to The Itsy Bitsy Spider, you will no doubt find a rhyme to share with the toddler nearest you.

“One of the best parts of nursery rhyme books is the interaction you get with the toddler you’re reading it to because not only are you acting out the rhymes, so are they. It’s wonderful to be sitting calmly reading a book on the couch and have Littlebug quietly walk up, grab my toes with her little fingers, and then pretend to chase the ‘little piggy’ all the way home, just because she remembers reading it together. I love it! This is one of the main reasons I read to my children. That connection, not just to each other, but to the characters in the books we read. It’s something special I love to be able to share with them.

“Hannah Wood’s illustrations for this delightful nursery rhyme collection are perfection. Bright and colorful, happy and cheerful – each page has something for you to look forward to. I’d definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a lasting impression on a child. Share giggles, songs, motions, dances and more as you turn the pages of the rhymes from your youth that now belong to their youth. Lovely.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 1 and up. From toddlers to adults, this nursery rhyme collection is just what you need to get the giggles flowing and the love of reading cultivated. A must have for any home expecting little ones running around!

For the Comments: Do you have a favorite nursery rhyme? Which one? Mine…there are too many to choose from, but I love “Hands Shoulders Knees and Toes” as well as “I’m a Little Tea Pot”.

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12 Responses to Book Review: This Little Piggy by Hannah Wood

  1. This sounds really cute. I just found out from reading/singing The 13 Days of Halloween and The 12 Days of Winter that my daughter loves books that I have to sing to her.

    • Isn’t it funny how some kids really love that? I also think it really helps with their memory as well, because I know my kids pick up on the ones I sing more quickly. Although, my son has only really started to enjoy the singing aspect recently, he wasn’t a fan when he was little, LOL.

  2. Gina says:

    Aww…how cute! So glad the Littlebug enjoyed this one…and who doesn’t remember the little piggies from their childhood? A great classic nursery rhyme that continues to travel from generation to generation. ^_^

  3. LOVE the art. Seriously adorable.

  4. ceemee says:

    Very cute book! Love to have one for my kids, I’m sure they’ll love it.

  5. AWWWW! What a darling book! I guess my fave children’s nursery rhyme would have to be “Mary Had a Little Lamb!”

  6. MillyMarie says:

    I am adding this to my must get books. It reminds me of childhood and I love those kinds of books (and rhymes). My favorite to teach/activities is the fingerplays. 😀 I don’t know if I can just name one favorite nursery rhyme I think I have too many favorites.

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