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1 + 1=5 and Other Unlikely Additions by David La Rochelle and Illustrated by Brenda Sexton

Published by Sterling Children’s Books

Pages: 32

Ages: 5 and up

Publishers Summary: How much is 1+1? Think the answer is 2? Not always, as this playful approach to addition proves! David LaRochelle takes children on a joyful mathematical journey that will engage their minds and teach them to think about numbers in a creative, outside-the-box way.
Brenda Sexton’s wild and wacky illustrations add layers of witty fun to LaRochelle’s clever game.

These wacky equations don’t add up…or DO THEY?
1 goat + 1 unicorn = 3 horns!
1 set of triplets + 1 set of twins = 5 babies!
1 duet + 1 quartet = 6 musicians!
1 ant + 1 spider = 14 legs!
1 century + 1 decade = 110 years!

The Turkeybird Speaks: “We’ve had this book for a little bit now and I still can’t put it down. It’s sooooo good! Even if I sometimes have to share it with my little sister, Littlebug, who looks like she thinks she understands, but really I know what’s going on. She just likes the pictures and most of all the ‘d-dogs’ as she calls them. It’s pretty funny though and sometimes I even like to read it to her. She sounds like she’s starting to get some of the numbers, which is so cool! Numbers are great!

“This is such a cool book! If you know a kid that likes numbers or some of the neatest pictures ever you have to show them this book! It’s also neat because they do all these funny things with the numbers, like adding ant legs and spider legs! Who knew they had 14 legs together! Crazy! Really, you should read this book, I mean I even made my dad read it again last night before bed. It’s so good!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “From pumpkins and watermelons to night and day to birds and airplanes you’ll never believe all the amazing additions you can make just by adding 1 + 1. In David La Rochelle’s 1 + 1=5 and Other Unlikely Additions children learn that there’s more to addition than the simple 1 + 1=2. They are shown that if you get creative, any one item plus another one item has infinite possibilities, opening their imaginations up to a whole new world of math.

1 + 1=5 and Other Unlikely Additions is one of those books that when it came in the mail I was instantly in love with. There are beautiful bright illustrations with quirky characters that children immediately connect with. Also, it’s creative. As I’ve mentioned before, I think for an educational book to truly reach a child anymore it needs to have an imaginative edge; something that sets it apart from all the other interactive learning tools they already have. Well, this book definitely accomplishes that. And after having the book in our home a few weeks I can honestly see it’s lasting impact. Not only is Littlebug beginning to count more frequently, but Turkeybird is making up songs about counting as well as finding all sorts of situations to count where he didn’t before.

“For those with kiddos struggling to make a connection with math, even older kids up to around age nine or so, this is a fantastic aid. With all the attributes I love in an educational children’s book (imagination, interaction, quirky illustrations, etc.), you’ll be surprised at how quickly they pick up the book time and time again. 1 + 1=5 and Other Unlikely Additions is the perfect compliment to any home or school library. I highly recommend it and would regret not having it in our home.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 18 months to 9 years. Help the kiddos in your life learn to love numbers and math through this quirky tale of unlikely additions.

Discussion Guide For 1+1=5 and other Unlikely Additions


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  1. Gina says:

    Oh…this book looks very cute from the creative title right down to the colorful critters on the front. One for the kiddies indeed, I love how authors are combining educational material and funtastic elements nowadays….thanks for sharing!

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