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Lost in the Wild by Ryan Jacobson and Illustrated by David Hemenway

Published by Adventure Publications

Pages: 152

Ages: Middle Grade

Publishers Summary: You are the main character in this choose-your-path adventure, and you’re on a camping trip with your family. But when your sister and you get caught in a thunderstorm, the relaxing vacation becomes an endless struggle. Do you have what it takes to save your sister and yourself from unknown dangers? Put yourself in this adventure, and find out!

Your older sister has finally convinced you camping is the “fun” thing to do for a vacation, but still…you couldn’t possibly go without your survival book. During your first few hours in the wilderness you spend your time in your tent reading up on what it takes to survive in the wilderness, but is it enough? Once she’s convinced you to take a quick fishing trip without your parents and you’ve suddenly landed yourselves in wild forests full of creatures ready to hunt, what will you do? Will you survive or will your outcome be something less than ideal? Take a peek into what it takes to survive in the wilderness!

This was an incredibly fun read for me! My husband has always told me about his time growing up reading the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books and how much he enjoyed them. At times I believe it was one of his only reading sources, outside of the occasional Chronicles of Narnia book. After reading Lost in the Wild I can completely understand why. This was such an enjoyable read. Not only was it pretty quick, but it was so neat to jump from page to page seeing where it would lead me. I should mention that before I actually “finished” the book I “died” at least three times, maybe four, but I’m not sure I’ll count the one time I turned the page just to see what was going to happen.

It wasn’t only a fun read, but surprisingly the writing was actually quite good. I’m not sure what I expected, but page after page the characters grew and developed. By the end of the story you had a clear idea of who each person was in the book and what their choices would be. I actually found myself choosing to go to certain pages because I “knew” what that character would choose.

Lost in the Wild was completely unexpected. Being my first “Choose-Your-Own-Path” book (including any similar type books) I had no idea what to expect, but went into it thinking it might be a pretty basic read with a few twists and turns. I was entirely wrong. It had adventure, great characters and a story that kept me flipping back and forth just to see how things could end up. This is the perfect book for reluctant readers, I’d imagine that boys especially will find this outdoor survival story one they thoroughly enjoy. A perfect read for anyone looking for a great adventure with an unexpected outcome around every page turn!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 8 and up. Outdoors adventurers and readers meet in one book! A perfect read for the reluctant reader or explorer in your life.

This book was provided for review by Winsome Media Communications and the publisher, Adventure Publications. Thank you!
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9 Responses to Book Review: Lost in the Wild by Ryan Jacobson

  1. Enbrethiliel says:


    I miss the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, too. I’m glad the format is making a comeback and that the stories are more paying attention to character development as well as to plot!

    Your comment that you “died” several times before the happy ending reminds me of videogames! These books require the same learning curve, aye?

    Thanks for the review. =)

  2. Ooooo I love when I get to choose my path 😉

    Don’t you wish they had grown up romance stories like that?

  3. Gina says:

    Oh I LOVED Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books when I was a kid. They were always so much fun! Of course…I can’t say that I didn’t maybe kinda sorta turn back if I chose wrong and ended up “ending” my character… *whistles* Glad to see they are still around and keeping up with the times…. ^_^

  4. I grew up on the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books! I received this one as well. My review is up tomorrow — you, of course, nailed it here – a really good read and I was impressed at the writing as well!

  5. I was also a big choose your own adventure book fan. I never had the commitment to read a whole middle grade novel. But, these types of books made me feel like I was reading a whole book. This one sounds great!

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  7. Thanks for the post. I have never heard of this type of Choose Your Own Adventure Book. Sounds great for reluctant readers!

    Other adventure books I love:
    My Side of the Mountain:
    Books by Gary Paulsen:

    Hope you enjoy them too!

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