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No Bows! by Shirley Smith Duke and Illustrated by Jenny Mattheson

Published by Peachtree Publishers

Pages: 32

Ages: 2-6

Publishers Summary: We all have likes and dislikes. Some of us are just more vocal about it than others.

The delightful contrariness of young children is celebrated in this upbeat book featuring a likeable little girl determined to get her own way.

Using only a few simple, but well-chosen words, a small child expresses clearly what she does—and does not—want through the course of a day. Her independent spirit emerges as she firmly says no to a dress, a pair of shoes, a nap. As the day ends and evening descends, however, she finally says yes…to lots of hugs and kisses from her mom and dad.

Littlebug Speaks: This little girl is so funny! She can’t stand bows…me either! She doesn’t like puppies…not that just don’t understand, I looooove puppies. She loves bubbles and I wish my mom would let me have more of them in the bath like hers does; they’re so much fun!

What I really like about this girl is that she’s fun. She decides she likes things like running around with no dress on, yay! And she isn’t like all the rest of the girls she’s around. She even sticks her finger up her nose like my mom always says I shouldn’t, but it’s so easy to do, why not?! This is really a great book, you definitely need it!

Mom’s Two Cents: No Bows! is all about a little girl who wants to be herself. No bows, no frills, no shoes, no vanilla…just her and all the things she loves and loves doing. A story about letting your hair down and striking out as your own individual. But never forgetting at the end of the day, who (and what) is truly important…those that love you.

This is such a delightful story! And the perfect pick for our first Peachtree Publishers feature this month. I mentioned in the opening of the feature this month that the background for our site was actually illustrated by the artist behind No Bows!, Jenny Mattheson. After seeing her beautiful illustrations online and then in her books, I knew she was the right one for our site. The little girl from No Bows! actually even resembles our little girl here at There’s A Book and I’m so glad she does, because I adore this book!

Each of us is our own person and as children we generally show our “true colors” more so than any other time in our lives. We’ll run carefree through the house in almost nothing, go barefoot through the park, eat ice cream until our sides hurt, and on and on. Well, maybe we don’t always lose all those fun things as children, but it’s wonderful to be able to show children it’s good to be who you are.

Through Shirley Smith Duke’s story we learn all about a little girl who lives to break the rules, but not always in a bad way…sometimes, but not always. Eventually her carefree day leads her to a comfortable bed and loving parents with lots of hugs and kisses. What’s wonderful about the moral of the story is that it teaches children that it’s okay to be yourself, break the mold and know that in the end there will still be those that love you. A wonderful story and beautiful illustrations!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages: 18 months to 6 years. Perfect for girls and boys alike. This delightful little girl will help other little ones understand the value of being yourself and appreciating those who love you no matter whether you love bears or bunnies.

Today’s review is part of our month long celebration of Peachtree Publishers for our monthly feature “Book Publishers 101“. Make sure to stop by the Peachtree Publishers Site for more information about this title and more. For more information about our Book Publishers 101 feature take a look at this month’s opening post.

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4 Responses to Book Review: No Bows! by Shirley Smith Duke and Illustrated by Jenny Mattheson

  1. Gina says:

    Sounds like an awfully cute book for little ones and such a great message of being yourself in there, nice combination. Great review as usual you two! ^_^

  2. I have always loved the look of your blog – glad to now know the story behind it. Very cool!

  3. Shirley Duke says:

    Thanks for such a great review of No Bows! This is so much fun to run across since I loved writing this book–my very first one!

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