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Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving by Laurie Halse Anderson and Illustrated by Matt Faulkner

Published by Simon And Schuster Children’s

Pages: 40

Ages: 5-10

Publishers Summary: We the people of the United States…

Almost Lost Thanksgiving

Yes. That’s right!

Way back when “skirts were long and hats were tall” Americans were forgetting Thanksgiving, and nobody seemed to care!

Thankfully, Sarah Hale appeared. More steadfast than Plymouth Rock, this lady editor knew the holiday needed saving. But would her recipe for rescue ever convince Congress and the presidents?

Join acclaimed author Laurie Halse Anderson on a journey of a woman and a pen that spanned four decades, the Civil War, and five presidents, all so you could have your turkey and eat it too!

Imagine a time where Thanksgiving was nothing more than a group of a few people gathering for the seasons recent harvest. Giving thanks, but it’s no more than just a simple gathering. Until Sarah Hale appeared this was more of a reality than it is today. So much of what many know about the history of the United States of America revolves around that day when the pilgrims landed and met with the Indians for a great feast. Thanks to Sarah Hale, President Lincoln and Hale’s determination she was finally able to make Thanksgiving a National holiday.

This is more than just a cute story, but a history with wonderful illustrations. A telling of how the actual Thanksgiving holiday came to being as opposed to what the holiday is about. So often when you read about Thanksgiving it centers around that initial landing on Plymouth Rock and the subsequent celebrations that occurred between the old and new residents. Before reading this story I’d have to be honest and say I’d never heard about how the holiday I love came to be on the forth Thursday of each November. Without the determination and hard work of Sarah Hale none of us would enjoy the family, friends, food, football, games, naps and so much more that we each do every November.

Thank You, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving is what Thanksgiving is truly about – working hard for something you love and giving thanks for what has been accomplished. Laurie Halse Anderson is most widely known for her novel Speak, and though this story is quite a different and much more simplified it still shines with her unbelievable writing ability. Children will love this telling of the origins of our beloved holiday and parents will be inspired by the determination of a “dainty little lady”. This is the perfect story for the holiday and definitely one to be shared.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 5 and up. Parents and children alike will discover there’s more to Thanksgiving than Pilgrims and Indians in this brilliant picture book!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This book was purchased for use in our home library.
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4 Responses to Book Review: Thank You, Sarah-The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving by Laurie Halse Anderson

  1. We ADORE this book (and interestingly enough, it was my first exposure to Laurie Halse Anderson) at my house. It’s so much fun!

  2. Robyn Hawk says:

    I love Laurie Halse Anderson and have never heard of this book! Thanks so much – great find!

    Robyn Hawk

  3. Gina says:

    Wow…who’d have thought? I guess we owe this group of patriots a great big THANK YOU for keeping this special holiday alive and well for generations to come. Thanks for the great and informative post, Danielle!

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