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As part of his current blog tour for Alien Invasion & Other Inconveniences author Brian Yansky is stopping by There’s A Book today to talk about his favorite childhood book(s). I’m always interested to learn which books “worked” for authors, but especially for male authors because of the current push to help get boys excited about reading. Also, it’s always nice to know books the Turkeybird may like when he gets a bit older. So, take a look to see which books Brian picks…you may be surprised!

I wish I had an extensive list of books I read and loved as a boy, but the truth is I didn’t read much as a boy. There are two memorable events of my early reading experience. I was in maybe fourth or fifth grade and in the library (Lord knows why; I must have got lost. Detention was next door so I may have been heading there.) And I found this illustrated book on Greek and Roman mythology. It was a huge book. I may be exaggerating (a pitfall of my profession) but I remember it as the size of a painting, so big it was hard for me to get off the shelf. I sat at a table and read the book and looked at the pictures.

I loved those stories. I was in awe of them. I read and looked at the book several times during that semester. Unfortunately, it didn’t get me involved in reading other books. I continued on in my ignorant ways, a bit of a troublemaker in class and too fond of outdoor games. Still, a seed had been planted. Something in the myths touched me and that something would come out later in a love of fantasy and fantastic tales.

The second reading experience would be when I was sixteen. A friend handed me a Kurt Vonnegut novel. I read it and something about that book touched me. He was my people. He saw things as I saw them—sort of. He had a weird sense of humor. He was dark but funny. I read one of his novels and then another and then another and that opened up the world of reading for me. If you’ve read Kurt Vonnegut you know he doesn’t fit squarely into Science Fiction even though he often has aliens.

That influence is definitely in my ALIEN novel, which doesn’t fit squarely into the world of science fiction or fantasy. Though it begins with a dark and serious situation (most of the earth’s population is killed off in about ten seconds which I’d definitely put down as a majorly dark event) my main character’s voice is often comic. So I suppose I would have to say my early reading was a big influence, which just goes to show one of the great facts about reading: you never know where a good book will lead you.

“Absolutely true! You never know where a good book will lead you. Maybe one day you’ll be fighting off a legion of earth invading aliens or just writing a best-selling novel. No matter, the important thing is to read!

“Thank you so much, Brian, for stopping by today!”

Please stop by The Teen {Book} Scene for more details and other tour stop locations! And make sure to check out my review of Alien Invasion & Other Inconveniences as well.

Thank you so much to the author, Brian Yansky, for providing a copy of her book for review and giveaway!
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  1. Cool post. I definitely think there is not enough books out there for young boys.

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