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The 20 Question Interview with our very own Turkeybird is a new feature interview that will be happening with all of the picture book authors and poets he loves! We recently reviewed the wonderful book Amazing Faces, which is a collection of brilliant poems with gorgeous illustrations that the poet Lee Bennett Hopkins is responsible for compiling. Lee’s an incredible author/poet and has been awarded many honors in his lifetime as well as being responsible for numerous poetry works and compilations. When we found out we also had the opportunity to interview Lee the Turkeybird was really excited to get some questions together. Well, being the typical 3 year old he is some of the questions were quite funny. So, without further hesitation…The 20 Question Interview with Lee Bennett Hopkins and the Turkeybird:

1. Where is your favorite place to read?
Sitting in a chair.

2. What is your favorite kids book?
There are so many to choose from. One book I always love to go back to is Louisa May Alcott’s LITTLE WOMEN.

3. You seem to like all sorts of people. What do you like the very best?
I don’t really understand this question. It’s a good question, however, I don’t know how to answer it!

4. Have you traveled a lot?

5. Where to?
All over the United States, Canada, and European cities such as England France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland and more. I’ve also visited Mexcio often, and Guatamala.

6. Why did you pick those places?
I like variety.

7. Is there anywhere else you want to go?

8. Do you have a favorite dinosaur? Mine’s the Brachiosaurus (mom had to help with the spelling).
I like the dangerous T-rex.

9. Why do you like to write?
I like to write because it gives me great satisfaction when something I’ve worked on is finally WRITTEN.

10. Did you always want to be a writer?

11. If you could make up anything (invent) what would you make?
I’d invent a machine that lets you live for a long, long time.

12. Crayons or markers?

13. Why?
I cannot draw.

14. What’s your favorite color?

15. Why?

16. What do hamsters, shells and spelling bees have to do with each other? I do have to admit I’d really like a hamster!
They are all things you can bring to school for show-and-tell. (So why don’t you get a hamster?)

17. What food do you like to eat? (I love yogurt.)

18. Who’s your favorite person in the whole world. (Mine’s my mom and my dad.)
I couldn’t name just one. I have several favorite people in my world.

19. What’s your favorite joke?
I don’t have one.

20. What should I read next?
Something that appeals to you. And even if it does not, READ SOME POETRY, PLEASE?

The Turkeybird Speaks: “Thank you so much Lee! It was really fun and I really liked all your answers. I guess when I was asking the people question I was think about my dad, he likes to spin me around and so I really like his hands.
“On the hamster topic…two reasons, mom and little little sister. Littlebug’s (sister) the biggest reason. She likes to squeeze and hug and take stuff I don’t know how my hamster would do around her. I barely survive sometimes!
“Thank you again Lee, it was really fun talking to you and I really like your book Amazing Faces. It’s so good!”

Today’s interview is part of our month long celebration of Lee & Low Books for our monthly feature “Book Publishers 101“. Make sure to stop by the Lee & Low Books Site for more information about this title and more. For more information about our Book Publishers 101 feature take a look at this month’s opening post.

Also, don’t forget to stayed tuned for this month’s giveaway! It’s going to be incredible!

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  1. I’m a marker girl my self.
    Fun interview 🙂
    I loved “Neither. Why. Because.”

  2. Another excellent post and I love Lee and Low publishers. So many awesome reads from them!

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