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¡Ole! Flamenco by George Ancona

Published by Lee & Low Books

Pages: 48

Publishers Summary: FLAMENCO—it’s singing, it’s dancing, it’s guitar playing! It’s an exciting, expressive art form that has evolved over hundreds of years.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, we meet Janira Cordova, who is studying flamenco. The students in her dance company, Flamenco’s Next Generation, are eager to learn the tools of their art: how to move their hands, arms, feet, and bodies to the rhythms of the songs and music. When it is finally time to perform at Santa Fe’s annual Spanish Market, the young dancers can’t wait to get onstage and showcase their skills. As the singing, music, and clapping surround the dancers, Janira’s arms and hands flow through the air. Her skirt whirls. Her feet stamp the floor. Her dancing expresses her joy as she proudly carries on the colorful tradition of flamenco.

With captivating photographs and engaging text, George Ancona explores the origins, history, techniques, and performance of flamenco. Come along and catch flamenco fever. ¡Olé!

Mom’s Two Cents: From ancient Roman times until modern day dance has been a part of the lives of many cultures. Flamenco dancing is no exception. Through this pictorial story told through the eyes of George Ancona and the history of the Flamenco throughout the ages each reader begins to understand the passion of this age old art form.

This story was truly a treat. I’m familiar with varying forms of dance in only the vaguest of senses. Having said that, learning about the origins of almost anything from dance to music to food is incredibly appealing and I’ll eagerly devour any worthwhile text available. ¡Ole! Flamenco is definitely one of those great entertaining and learning tools rolled into one book. I had no idea that Flamenco was actually originated from the gypsies, which were actually in existence in ancient Rome. Also, Flamenco is made up of more than just dance steps, but music and dress as well.

There’s more to this dance than you’d assume upon first glances. The Flamenco is a generations old dance that incorporates a way of life that each and every person who participate in it love. Told from the point of view of the award winning photographer George Ancona, you will be pleasantly surprised by the visually stunning images of these seemingly simple dance moves and incredible way of life. Take a look at ¡Ole! Flamenco for a dip into another way of life, one you won’t soon forget!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 6 and up. A perfect blend of history and images to tell a fantastic story about more than just a dance.

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6 Responses to Book Review: ¡Ole! Flamenco by George Ancona

  1. Gina says:

    Flamenco dancing always looks so beautiful and vibrant when you see it performed. Sounds like a great way to catch a glimpse of all that went into its modern day presentation. Nice review!

  2. Beth Hoffman says:

    I’ve always loved he Flamenco! Terrific review. Have a Happy New Year!

  3. O I love Flamenco. I should try this one 🙂

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