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Other Goose: Re-Nurseried!! and Re-Rhymed!! Childrens Classics by J. Otto Seibold

Published by Chronicle Books

Pages: 80

Ages: All Ages.

Publishers Summary: It’s Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, Jack Be Nimble, Miss Muffet, Little Boy Blue, and more, like you’ve never seen them before! Renowned artist J.otto Seibold re-nursuries and re-rhymes over the Mother Goose classics in this must-have collection. Featuring recurring characters and an ending that brings everyone back for a showstopping finale, this book is the most fun dear old Mother Goose has ever had!

Have you ever wondered what really happened to Humpty Dumpty or Jack Horner? Or even…why don’t many of the nursery rhymes of old have a more modern twist? Well, look no further! J. Otto Seibold has created another spectacular world of our most beloved nursery rhymes in the only way he knows how. From favorites like Jack and Jill (and Bill) to Hey Diddle Fiddle, many of the favorites of old will now be favorites anew.

This entire book is a laugh a minute. From the very beginning as our beloved narrator, no longer Mother Goose, but the “Other Goose” (notice the “M” is dropped) starts out by telling the reader why she’s gone ahead with her re-telling of these famous and beloved nursery rhymes. Even the introduction gets a chuckle as she mentions that Mother Goose wasn’t actually a goose, but a person! These new rhymes are updated as well, so that many of the scenes involve situations newer readers will be familiar with like movie theaters and electric guitars. In addition, the illustrations by Seibold are colorful and quirky, catching not only the eyes of little ones but adult readers as well. Just take a look:

Both the Turkeybird and Littlebug are enjoying Other Goose quite a bit. Though we’re taking the reading quite slowly so as to enjoy every new-nursery rhyme. Personally I rather enjoyed the new take on these old nursery rhymes if for no other reason than the “rhyming” aspect. As a child (my mother will attest to this) I struggled terribly with rhymes, still do a bit, and so any book that makes rhyming easier and more enjoyable gets bonus points in my book. This is definitely a book that makes rhyming fun, not only for children but adults alike and may even help those who struggle a bit with it.

As nursery rhymes go Other Goose is a quirky and fun read for the whole family. It’s especially enjoyable to those fans of recent “re-tellings” of classic stories. Beginning from page one Other Goose by J. Otto Seibold, most famous for his Oliver the Reindeer series, captures humor and education in one fell swoop. Even those who struggle with rhyming will be amused and enjoy these up-dated versions of favorite “classic” rhymes. Other Goose is a book to be enjoyed by all and definitely one that will be handed down for years to come just like the classic Mother Goose rhymes.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 and up. A new take on favorite classic nursery rhymes with quirky illustrations that will leave readers chuckling to the last page.

Other Goose: Re-Nurseried and Re-Rhymed Children’s Classics

Other Goose Activity Sheets


Thanks to the fantastic publisher, Chronicle Books, I have one copy of this spectacular picture book as well as a book poster to give away to one There’s A Book reader!

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  1. Gina says:

    Great post Danielle! So glad everyone enjoyed it…it was definitely a fun read to say the very least and with those unique illustrations, it certainly is memorable. Good luck to everyone that enters! You won’t be sorry…
    Happy reading!

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