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The 20 Question Interview with our very own Turkeybird is a new feature interview that will be happening with all of the picture book authors and poets he loves! Today the Turkeybird is interviewing author and illustrator, John Lechner. John’s books originally became the Turkeybird’s absolute favorites after watching the book trailer for the Sticky Burr series (take a look at the bottom of the post if you haven’t seen it before!). Since that time he’s been hooked! Reading every one of John’s books, watching his book trailers and occasionally checking out a daily Sticky Burr comic. So, without further hesitation on our part, the Turkeybird’s 20 Question interview with John Lechner…

1. Frogs, bunnies, bugs, and a bunch of other animals are some stuff you write about. Which is your favorite to write about?
I don’t have a favorite character, but I love to write stories about small creatures.

2. Why?
Because small creatures are so often overlooked in life, yet they have some of the biggest problems to deal with. And they usually find a way to succeed. I find that very inspiring.

3. How about to draw?
My favorite animal to draw is the frog.

4. Why?
Because frogs are small and they have big eyes, and they sometimes look like people.

5. Crayons or Markers?
I prefer crayons to markers, because you can press down harder to get a darker color. But my very favorite art material is watercolor paints.

6. What’s your favorite game? (I’m a big fan of memory, but if I can grab my mom’s phone I really like Angry Birds too. hehe)
One of my favorite games is called Set, which is a card game. I also like scrabble and ping pong.

7. What food do you like to eat? (I love yogurt.)
I like eating peanut butter sandwiches.

8. What was your favorite book to read when you were my age?
When I was little I had lots of favorite books, including Georgie by Robert Bright (about a friendly ghost), and Farewell to Shady Glade by Bill Peet (about animals looking for a new home).

9. When you were my age did you like to draw?
Yes, I liked to draw since I was very young, and also write stories.

10. You’ve won awards for your books, what’s that like? Pretty neat?
Yes, it’s nice to win an award, and it’s nice to hear that children like my books.

11. I love your Sticky Burr video. Did you come up with the music? It’s the best!
My brother Tony and I wrote the song together, and Tony played the music and did the singing. I drew the animation and put it all together. It was a fun project.

12. What is your favorite picture book to read out loud? (I love when my mom reads the Elephant and Piggie books, they’re so good!)
For a book to read aloud, I love the rhyming books of Bill Peet, like Kermit the Hermit.

13. You like flowers? Well, that’s what my mom said, but that’s not really my kind of thing – more a Littlebug thing. I really like rocks! So why flowers?
I like to grow flowers in my garden because I like all the amazing shapes and colors that they come in. Also, insects love flowers, and I like to watch all the ants and leafhoppers and honeybees and other insects who climb around the flowers.

14. Do you have a favorite?
My favorite flower is the giant dahlia, because it starts with a tiny round bud that keeps opening bigger and bigger, with more and more rows of petals, like magic.

15. You had a lot of brothers and sisters growing up. Was that fun?
Yes, it was fun to have three brothers and three sisters. There was always someone to play with, and we took fun trips in the car with all nine people in my family.

16. What was your favorite thing to do with your brothers and sisters?
We sometimes went hiking in the woods or up a mountain. We also liked to play musical instruments together. I played the violin, my brother played the trumpet, we all played something or joined in singing, it was fun.

17. I really like your books, are you going to write more?
Yes, I am working on several new books.

18. What’s your favorite color?
My favorite color is blue.

19. Why?
Because it reminds me of the sky and the ocean.

20. What should I read next? Remember I’m only 3!
A great book for winter is Katy and the Big Snow by Virginia Lee Burton. One of my favorites!

The Turkeybird Speaks: “Thank you so much for answering all of my crazy questions Mr. Lechner! My mom already said we could pick up a couple of the books you talked about from the library and I’m really excited to try them out! She also said we could go looking for bugs today as long as it doesn’t end up raining too hard. I’m really hoping the sun stays out, because I think that would be really neat! Maybe we’ll even see a frog!

“Thanks again Mr. Lechner!”

“If you missed one or two of our reviews of Mr. Lechner’s books just click on the book covers below to take a look! You won’t want to miss them, because they are great! Also, make sure to watch the Sticky Burr trailer below, it’s amazing!”

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3 Responses to Author/Illustrator Interview: 20 Questions with John Lechner

  1. Raquel says:

    Great interview Turkeybird! And great answers from John Lechner. I loved reading this. I’m a huge fan of Lechner’s work, Sticky Burr being my favorite and I’m also a fan of his fun, interactive online book Elfbook.

    This is by far my favorite quote. I’m saving it! “Because small creatures are so often overlooked in life, yet they have some of the biggest problems to deal with. And they usually find a way to succeed. I find that very inspiring.”

    And I’m responsible for a lot of those YouTube hits on the Sticky Burr video. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen it. 🙂

  2. Gina says:

    Love the author’s answer on his love of writing about small stuff…very true…and from the comments it looks like I’m not the only one. Wishing you and Turkeybird happy reading on those book suggestions! Thanks for the great interview. ^_^

  3. I love reading Turkeybird’s interviews! Thanks so much.

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