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A Tilly and Friends Library by Polly Dunbar

Published by Candlewick Press

Publishers Summary from Hello Tilly: Tilly lives in a little yellow house with her best friends. Peek in on Tiptoe, Hector, Doodle, Pru, and Tumpty as they play the trumpet, bang the drum, eat a feast, and dance the Wiggle Wiggle Woo. Whump! Bump! Whoops!
Meet Tilly and her friends! From the celebrated Polly Dunbar comes the first in a series of humorous stories about a lovable group of pals.

Littlebug’s Snoozing on the Job: “Yep, mom’s right, I’m sweepy! Ever since we got back from papa’s house I haven’t felt good, but I’m so happy I have my Tumppy (supposed to be Tumpty). My daddy gave him to me for my birfday and he is with me all the time.

“My favorite book out of all of these is always Where’s Tumppy? because it has my favorite animal ever in it,’phant! ‘Phants are the best because they have big floppy ears and they are perfect for hugging. In this book Tumppy tries to hide under a box and then behind some other things only he’s too big and everyone keeps laughing at him. By the end they all can’t find him because he’s found a great hiding place, which is also one of the bestest games ever, and they all laugh and play together. It’s so fun! I make my mom and daddy read it at least once a day, more if they will.

Where’s Tumppy? is still my favorite, but I really like all the other books too. Good Night, Tiptoe is the best book to read before bed, I never want want to go to bed right away and neither does Tiptoe. And Pretty Pru is so funny because they all put on Pru’s makeup and look silly. Tilly and her friends are the bestest! You really should read these with a kiddo soon!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “Tilly and her friends are up to the usual; playing, dressing up, painting, hiding, reading, sleeping and much much more. Doing what kids do best and sometimes…what they don’t do so well; biting, yelling, pushing and other not to nice things. What Tilly does for her friends though is show them how to behave their very best and enjoy being together.

“This series, though not flashy with glitter and neon colors, is a stand out in my opinion. Without a doubt, over the last couple of months that we’ve been reading it both Littlebug and Turkeybird have wanted to read each book over and over again, more than any other books on the shelf. To be honest, I was a bit surprised. When they arrived (unjacketd, of course, which is fantastic!) the seemingly plain book spine and pencil type illustrations didn’t seem to me to be something the kiddos would gravitate towards. I did of course, I devoured each book that evening on my own, loving the very simple yet beautiful illustrations of Tilly, Tumpty, Doodle and the others. Not to mention the stories were adorable, teaching kids to be polite, not grumpy or selfish, not to bite, when to go to bed and more but in a very funny way. They were also some of the first that my dear sweet Baker (hubby) has really enjoyed reading as well (he’s extremely picky about picture books).

“Well, I once had a doctor jokingly tell me, “Kids live to prove you wrong” and that is absolutely the case with these books. Immediately they loved them. Not only that, but as Littlebug mentioned, her recent elephant gift for her birthday has been named Tumpty (pronounced “Tumppy” by her) and it must go with her everywhere. They’ve absolutely fallen in love with the series, as have I.

Tilly and Friends may seem a quiet and inconspicuous, but once you open the pages you’ll quickly see precisely how delightful these characters are. Helping children to see there is a better way to treat our friends isn’t always the easiest thing either, but with Tilly and her troop of animal friends children will be able to gain a better understanding of some of the most basic concepts that can often be taken for granted by adults. Polly Dunbar has made a beautiful set of books that not only children will love, but parent will love as well. Our family being one that is entirely captivated with this series of books and I know many other families will be as well. Do not pass this series of books up for a much more ‘shinny’ picture book, you would be missing out on some of your best reading time ever with your kiddos.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 and up. Help kiddos understand the basics of friendship with the help of a delightful cast of characters. An inconspicuous set of books when glancing at a shelf, but entirely captivating for young and old alike once taken off the shelf.

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8 Responses to Book Review: A Tilly and Friends Library by Polly Dunbar

  1. Sounds so cute! And look at all those beautiful curls!

  2. This looks like a lovely little series! It is going on my list of -to buy now- promptly 🙂

  3. Gina says:

    Oh…I love the covers. How adorable! I can certainly see why even with their slightly lower key colors, they’d appeal to the little ones. Great share guys! ^_^

  4. These books look fantastic! I can’t wait to track down for my son!

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