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Mudkin by Stephen Gammell

Published by Carolrhoda Books (An Imprint of Lerner Publishing Group)

Pages: 32

Ages: 5-8

Publishers Summary: “Rain’s gone! Time to play!” commands the queen. Well, she’s not really a queen—just an ordinary girl who has an extraordinary day. She meets Mudkin, a friendly creature who whips up a robe and crown for her. Away they go to meet Her Majesty’s subjects. Even if the kingdom lasts only until the next rain shower, the crown Mudkin gives her is forever.
In his unmistakable style, Caldecott-winning artist Stephen Gammell creates an ode to the most potent of childhood mixtures: mud and imagination.

The Turkeybird Speaks: “Wow! One of my most favorite things to do is splash in puddles. It rained here not too long ago, a lot, and when I could go outside I got my pants soaking wet because I couldn’t stop splashing. So much fun!

“This little girl even meets new people when she splashes in puddles. I’m not sure I’ve ever had that happen, but I did make the lego guy I have drive the car in my the other day. That was really fun! I really liked the crown and the cape she got to wear too! This is a great book!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “When an adult see’s a puddle after a rainstorm it’s not often you meet one that will stomp in it, but children on the other hand… In this case it’s a little girl who happens to also be the queen! Queen of what? Well, that’s up to her and her imagination. In this case, her imagination carries her to a kingdom of ‘mud-people’ lead by a small creature named Mudkin. What begins as a simple mud puddle turns into an adventure for the day.

“This happens to be my first experience reading or viewing any of Stephen Gammell’s work and I have to say I absolutely adore it. Beginning with the illustrations alone, you can’t help but love his ability to create beautiful images with what seem to be splashes of paint. I know it’s much more work than that, especially after viewing the trailer for Mudkin, but I love it.

“Mudkin is the perfect story for little children with little or big imaginations. Depending on their level of understanding you may or may not have to explain a bit of what’s going on due to the lack of dialogue, but that’s a simple thing to accomplish. Once kiddos take in the story, see it for what it is, you can begin to see their imaginations soar. A wonderfully simple, yet gorgeous story about a young girl with a vivid imagination and her new friend Mudkin. Absolutely sure to please all who pick it up!”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 4-8. Stunning illustrations that capture the heart of what it means to be a child with an extremely vivid imagination. Help spark young readers ability to explore the unseen in just a few short pages.

Also, make sure to stop by Carolrhoda Books Blog for a fantastic post into the workspace of the Caldecott Award winning illustrator and author, Stephen Gammell!

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11 Responses to Book Review: Mudkin by Stephen Gammell

  1. Gina says:

    First reaction…what the?!? Seriously had to spend some time with that cover. Have to agree, I don’t fancy mud puddles but hey if it leads to new friends and fantasical places, perhaps I should start looking for the closest one. After all the rain we’re having, it shouldn’t be hard to find one…. ^_^

    Great review guys! Thanks for sharing your take on what sounds like a magical reading adventure.

  2. Love Stephen Gammell, love the imagination and fun of this idea, love Turkeybird’s enthusiasm for the story, love that you highlighted it here so I could discover it, and love the booktrailer too! Off to add this to my shopping list! Thanks!

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  4. Thanks! for sharing, cute cover.

  5. Shelly Burns says:

    The cover alone is priceless! My nephew would love this one, I’m sure!

  6. NotNessie says:

    Adorable! I have a puddle-stomper who would love this.

  7. Love the video! I love watching illustrators do their work!

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