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Tubby by Leslie Patricelli

Published by Candlewick Press

Pages: 28

Ages: 1-3 years

Publishers Summary: It’s time for a bath! Whee! And Baby obliges as only he can, playing with bubbles (and using them to make facial disguises from Santa’s beard to bunny ears), imitating a motorboat, and letting Mommy wash his single hair. And what would tubby time be without running away naked and shiny clean–only to be scooped up and tickled? A beloved bedtime ritual takes on new joy in Leslie Patricelli’s bright artwork, exuberant language, and simple, familiar scenes.
Hooray! SPLASH! Leslie Patricelli’s beloved Baby is back!

Littlebug and Turkeybird Join Forces: “It’s bath time! Yay!”

Littlebug: “Well, really, I’d rather shower, but if we have to do the bath, that’s fine I guess.”
Turkeybird: “I don’t like the shower at all. You are crazy! All that water shooting down on you and plus there aren’t any bubbles in the shower.”
Littlebug: “Oh yeah! Bubbles are the best! Oh, and crayons! We have fun crayons for the bath that are the best!”
Turkeybird: “See, I told you the bath really was better. That’s why this book is so cool! Because bath time is so much fun, once you get it. Yes, sometimes mom and dad have a hard time getting me into the tub, but once I’m there I really like it. Especially when we get to use the crayons like Bug said.”
Littlebug: “Well, I love the part in the book when he runs around without his towel on. That’s so funny! I always try to do that, but usually mom catches me before I get too far. It’s so funny though.”
Littlebug and Turkeybird: “You will love this book! The little kid in this book is so funny and there are lots of bubbles, which are so much fun! You have to read this before getting in the bath because it will make it the best bath ever!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “Leslie Patricelli is extremely well-known for her Baby board book series and this recent addition is one that will be accepted with open arms from old and new fans alike. Centered around the ever popular Baby, the story features that favorite (and least favorite for some) time of day, bath time. Covered in dirt from head to toe by the end of the day it’s about time to get clean, all while having a fun time and trying not to get mom and dad too wet. From funny faces with bubbles to counting duckies on the ledge of the tub, Baby has a wonderful time all while getting squeaky clean!

“Do you have trouble getting a kiddo in the bath? We do. Most nights the kiddos are extremely excited for that fun time before bedtime when they can play around in the water and get clean from a day of roughing it up. Well, when it comes down to it, we often have difficulties actually getting them into the tub. Not every time, but it happens…more often than I’d like. It’s all about getting them into the tub, illustrating what exactly it is they have to look forward to and how much better they’ll feel once they’re all finished. Tubby is the perfect helper! By reading it during the day I’ve been able to help Littlebug and Turkeybird prepare for what’s to come so they can really be happy for it; and it definitely works. Not only that, it’s just a really fun book to read.

Tubby is a fantastic addition to Leslie Patricelli’s already brilliant library of books; No No Yes Yes being one of our very favorites. This is the perfect book for bedtime as well as for getting kiddos ready for what can sometimes be a difficult thing. There are many reasons that kiddos may have an aversion to bath time, fear of the water being one. With books available to help show them it’s a fun environment where they can feel safe, have a great time and feel better for having taken a bath than we should definitely share them with them. I’d highly recommend this book, not only to those with bath time aversions, but even for a great bedtime book. With illustrations that make both parents and kiddos chuckle, a quirky character and a great lesson to be learned this is the perfect addition to any toddler’s library.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 1-4. Make bath time and bedtime fun for all! Share another of Patricelli’s delightful books with a kiddo you love and enjoy a few great laughs and a lesson learned. A must have for toddlers!

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8 Responses to Book Review: Tubby by Leslie Patricelli

  1. Gina says:

    An adorable book that sounds perfect for the little kiddies…not to mention I love how Turkeybird and Littlebug (and mom) teamed up for this one. The back and forth conversation was too fun and your two cents at the end really helps tie it all together. Great job!

  2. LOL I loved the exchange between the kids. That was awesome.

    AND I love the new picture!

  3. Shelly Burns says:

    What a fun post! I love Patricelli’s books, so I’ll have to look for this one!

  4. Glad to see a new book from Patricelli. We love Yummy Yucky and Higher, Higher!

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