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Darke, Book Six in the fantastic Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage isn’t due out until June 7th, but thanks to the fantastic folks at HarperCollins Childrens I have a few extra copies to spare. Yep, a few! Three to be exact! (I did at one point have four, but I have this fabulous babysitter who allows me to pay her in books and who also happened to pass out when I offered it to her. Be watching for her review here soon!) I know all you fans out there are clamoring to get your hands on one of these and so I won’t take up more your time. Take a look at the synopsis and enter below!

In the sixth book of the Magykal series, Alther Mella has been Banished, a Darke Domaine engulfs the Castle, and a Darke dragon is on the loose. Septimus Heap must use all of his skills to save the Castle and the Wizard Tower from destruction: He must enter the Darke. But he cannot do this alone. With the help of Jenna, Alther Mella, Marcellus Pye, and Septimus’s estranged brother, Simon Heap, Septimus and Marcia Overstrand battle the spreading Darkenesse. Will Septimus succeed in protecting his Magykal world?

Written with Angie Sage’s characteristic humor, Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke is a compelling fantasy adventure filled with surprises, thrills, and laugh-out-loud moments. Readers will revel in the action-packed story as they realize the wisdom of Magyk—that all things are meant to be part of a living whole.


Thanks to the publisher, HarperCollins Childrens, I have three copies of Darke – Septimus Heap Book Six by Angie Sage to giveaway to one reader of There’s A Book! Thank you so much!

Details: Three winners (3) will be chosen at random after the contest closes. You MUST fill out the form below, comments will not count as entries. Only one entry per household. Giveaway is open to two US/Canada Residents and one International Resident. The giveaway will run from March 24, 2011 until April 24, 2011 midnight EST.

Thank you so much to the publisher, HarperCollins, for providing these books for review and giveaway! Find them on Twitter and Facebook!
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This giveaway is now closed please check back soon for more giveaways!

4 Responses to Giveaway: Darke – Septimus Heap Book Six by Angie Sage

  1. Gina says:

    How nice of her to let you pay in books! ^_^ I totally know why she passed out when you offered this one to her…GREAT series. Just recommended it to a young reader the other day at the bookstore. Thanks for the chance…can’t wait to read your review! ^_^

  2. Jeane says:

    I love it when I read an enjoyable book and then find out that it is part of a series. Really hooks the kids. This series is especially fun! Kids can’t wait for the next one to come out! Great characters.

  3. Lisaleigh says:

    I have been devouring this series for the past 3 weeks. I love all the characters and the settings are so richly detailed. Can’t wait for Darke!

  4. shiksha says:

    Umm is the contest finished cuz i am waiting for the winners, i hope it is me. Well I can hardly buy books so i have to wAIT TILL THE LIBRARY HAS IT. aND BY THE way i am srry to write in different lock(small lock, caps lock) I love this series dont anyone.

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