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Last year I had the privilege of participating in the literacy event Share A Story Shape A Future. It was a wonderful time for me, I was a fairly new person in the world of literacy and blogging which made it the perfect place to dip my feet in and get to know some of the “heavy hitters” on a very personal level. It also gave me the opportunity to share with the book blogging world the story of my son, The Turkeybird, and his early struggles with Autism. So, needless to say, as this time of year was approaching again I was eager to jump in full swing and participate in whatever way I could!

This year I have the wonderful opportunity of hosting today’s topic, Literacy 2.0 – Taking the Gift of Literacy Into the Future. This form of literacy is by far the most exciting for me, though encouraging literacy on any level is something to be celebrated. Technology is changing by the second and the way in which we approach literacy while using technology has the power to enhance the learning experience exponentially. Much of it is about incorporating and adapting to that ever-changing technology and using it as a force for good.

Today’s participants range from teachers to parents to authors and more. Each has their own unique way of incorporating the technology we have available to us in a way that enhances and improves the lives of the children around them. It’s an incredible honor to be hosting and I’m extremely excited about this group of bloggers/teachers/parents/etc.! Just take a look at the line up…

Carisa Kluver from Digital Storytime
With iPad books that look more like toys and entertainment how likely are they to be used as tools for literacy and how does it affect the reader, children?

Eric Van Raepenbusch from Happy Birthday Author
Using video to extend the meaning of a book beyond its pages, teach basic skills, entertain, and provide primary sources of information. The post includes examples of all these ideas, plus ideas to produce your own video as a literacy activity. And that’s not all….there are links to the sources of video I have used to write my blog.

Chris Singer from Book Dads
When the Color Nook was released I just wasn’t able to resist getting one. However, I wasn’t just going to buy one for myself, but also for my daughter Tessa (now 23 months old). Although it didn’t stop me from buying one, I admit I was a little bit worried about Tessa becoming mesmerized with the Nook, and not wanting to look at her picture books any more. In our particular case and I think for other kids as well, it was a needless worry. Check out the rest of my post on Book Dads to read more of my thoughts on the value of using the Color Nook with toddlers.

Pam van Hylckama Vlieg from
Using technology to foster a love of reading in the home.

Holly Slotkin from LitLad
Using the iPad/iPod Touch to complement, not replace, the printed word. iPad/iPod Touch apps (book apps & other reading-related apps) that help promote literacy.

Susan Stephenson from The Book Chook
Online Resources for Reading and Writing
The cyber world has wonderful web spaces that encourage kids to respond creatively, and to develop important skills for literacy development. Here are some Book Chook favourites for reading and writing.

Melissa Taylor from Imagination Soup
Reading On the Go!
Reading in the Car, at the Doctor’s Office, at Grandma’s House . . . Books, eBooks, Playaways and more!

Jonathan Auxier from The Scop
Hasta la Vista, Hardy Boys: No e-reader can compare to the beauty of a book on a shelf, ready to be re-opened at any time … but what about books you don’t want on your shelf forever?

Paul W. Hankins from Mr. Hankins is Reading and Writing in Kentuckiana
Digitizing the classroom. How digital media can be used in a classroom setting to enhance the literacy experience.

Mary Ann Scheuer from Great Kid Books
E-books for children, tweens and young adults.

Jennifer Vincent from Teach Mentor Texts
Using technology to encourage kids to read. Specifically by having a blog for students and offering books in different formats like on the Nook and as audiobooks.

Miss Remmers from Miss Remmers’ Reviews
Taking a classroom into the digital realm with limited funding. Stop by to see which teaching tools Miss Remmers uses on a daily basis.

If you’re still eager to throw your voice into the group, please comment on any number of the blogs participating and possibly even take a few minutes to post about your feelings on today’s topic on your own blog using the writing prompts on the main Share A Story Shape A Future site. (All those who comment today (on any of the posts listed above, as well as here) will have the opportunity of possibly winning one of 10 iPad/iPhone apps from PicPocket books! For more details, please see my previous post, Share A Story Shape A Future: Sponsor – PicPocket Books.)

As I end my post I’d like to share a short video from a mother whose son Leo was recently featured during the launch of the iPad 2, Shannon Des Roches Rosa. Leo has a form of Autism and Shannon says in her own words, “the iPad gives Leo so much leisure- and learning-time independence and encourages so much self-direction.” This mother and her son have truly inspired me. Our own Turkeybird has a very mild form of Autism, but even still, it’s incredible the ways in which technology has been able to help him on so many levels and it’s wonderful to see that being recognized.

Take a look at the video below, Leo appears at about the 4:40 mark, but there are some other amazing stories in there to pay attention to including the way iPads are used in Chicago Public Schools and at Children’s Hospital in Boston with Autistic children.

Powerful things are happening in the world around us and there is so much we can do to improve literacy by using the technology that’s at our fingertips! Through eReaders, Skype, Blogs, Book Trailers, iPads & Tablet computers, Audiobooks and more we are reaching children in ways we never thought possible. Again, this is such an incredible topic and I hope you all find something you can use to improve your lives and the lives of the children you love.

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19 Responses to Share A Story: Literacy 2.0 – Taking the Gift of Literacy Into the Future

  1. Pam says:

    Thank you for putting all of this togethr.

  2. Book Chook says:

    Wow, it’s a stellar line-up! So much enthusiasm and so much to share from all these participants. Thanks for all your hard work hosting, Danielle!

  3. Selene says:

    Wow, great reading there!

    My nearly 3 year old loves to read on my iPad, as well as play games, count, draw, and learn numbers and letters, play music and watch videos! We’re also getting another iPad very soon for my disabled daughter (nearly 12), iPads are really revolutionising the assistive technology arena, it’s amazing! Her last assistive communication device cost us over $5000 (Australian), an iPad comes in at around $600, with maybe $250 for some expensive communication apps. It’s so wonderful for a lot of disabled children out there!

    Great post, thanks.

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  5. Raquel says:

    This is wonderful! I guess it doesn’t matter how we promote literacy, as long as we get kids reading!

  6. Dawn Morris says:

    Thank you so much for hosting today! I must say it’s an important topic, especially for people like me, who are reluctant to embrace the use of advanced technology for young children. So, I really appreciate the fact that you’ve connected the dots of so many different perspectives here.

  7. thank you very much for hosting this. Been too hesitant to introduce to my kids technologies as I want them to realize the importance of books – just realized that books could come in many form nowadays (duh!)


  8. Jen says:

    Thanks, Danielle! I’m excited to visit all these sites!!!

  9. Holly says:

    Thanks for hosting! I love reading everyone’s posts.

  10. THanks so much for hosting and for asking me to participate!

  11. I made it through all the posts. However, I don’t know if I am going to have time for Writing @ reading tonight πŸ™ But, I throughly enjoyed all the posts. You did a wonderful job coordinating today’s topic. Bravo!

  12. Valerie says:

    Awesome list and reading. Anything that gets kids and parents working together on literacy is OK in my book. I am just hoping parents are using these newest technologies as an additional tool instead of a replacement for traditional picture books. THere is nothing like the feel of turning the pages as you go.

  13. What a stellar line-up! Glad to see our friend, Chris from Book Dads on the list πŸ™‚

  14. Gina says:

    Great post Danielle. It’s so wonderful to see the impact technology is having on the lives of readers of all ages. Will certainly have to check out the other sites on the list…a few new to me and a few familiar faces. Thanks for hosting! ^_^

  15. It was a wonderful day – thank you so much for the inspiration to write on this topic. It generated so many interesting discussions that seem to have taken on a life of their own. A great conversation starter. πŸ™‚

  16. Thanks foro hosting and sharing your story – I love your blog and your passion!!

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  18. Tif says:

    What an amazing lineup of guests!!! I am still working through them and am in the midst of sharing my own thoughts as I read along . . . just a week later!

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