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Fuzzy Let’s Build

Pages: 10

Ages: 4 and up

Publishers Summary: Children will enjoy using their creative skills as they place themed felt pieces onto the fuzzy pages. The soft felt clings securely to the pages and can be used time and time again – perfect for hours of imaginative play. The felt pieces can be stored in the integral clear vac tray at the top of the book.

Turkeybird Speaks Up: “This is such a cool book! When my mom first got this I was so excited because it has trucks! Oh, and construction stuff! It’s so neat! I love to put the pieces all over the book and make up stories with it. The only thing, is that now Littlebug has started to like this book and she doesn’t know what she’s doing. You know? She just puts the pieces all over the place. I keep having to show her where she needs to put things. Some day she will learn how to do it right. Until then I’ll just keep showing her.

“If you have a kid my age that loves trucks and cars and building things you need to get this book for them! They will love it!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “Hard hats, ladders, pipes and cranes pop off the pages and into the hands of little ones in Fuzzy Let’s Build. A book that allows children not only to learn about how things work at a construction site but also allows them to create their own version of a construction site.

“We’ve long loved building type things in our home. From blocks to train sets to coloring books and more, we just can’t seem to get enough. Littlebug even loves trucks just as much as her big brother did at her age, which is lucky for us (less new toys and supplies to have to pick up). When we received this book for review from Top That! Publishing I just knew it would be a huge hit and I wasn’t wrong. First Turkeybird couldn’t stop arranging the felt pieces on all the pages and now Littlebug loves to match up the felt pieces with the images on the pages. It’s also another one of our favorite books for quiet times when hands need to be busy so that the kiddos keep chatter to a minimum, which is usually on Sundays at church. This is another book that makes it’s way their and back home that we absolutely love.

Fuzzy Let’s Build is perfect for little ones with growing imaginations. Give them the opportunity to read, interact and explore all about construction sites from their very own laps. Also a great book because of it’s versatility, not only can you take it with you to have kiddos enjoy in quiet places, but it’s perfect for creating stories together by chatting about the construction site they want to build. A fantastic, creative and hands-on book that little readers will love!”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 to 6. Spark their creativity with scenes they love, construction sites! A hands-on learning experience perfect for little readers!

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4 Responses to Book Review: Fuzzy Let’s Build

  1. carol says:

    Great looking book!

    It is very like the magnet story books from TopThat Publishing we enjoyed.

    I do like the idea of Fuzzy Felt pieces.


  2. This looks SO cute. I like the pieces.

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