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Savannah Grey by Cliff McNish

Published by Carolrhoda Books (An Imprint of Lerner Publishing Group)

Pages: 266

Ages: Young Adult

Publishers Summary: Savannah Grey needs to keep moving. She doesn’t know why, but she can’t let herself get tied down by too many people. It’s almost like she’s being chased by something. And now something strange is happening with her neck—with her throat.
Savannah Grey never thought she’d meet someone like Reece—a guy who seems to understand her. He even knows about her neck. The same thing is happening to him. It’s as if their voices are becoming weapons, warming up for some kind of attack.
Savannah Grey has no idea what might be chasing her or why her voice suddenly feels like the most powerful weapon on the planet, but she’s about to find out.
Nature is preparing for battle with the universe’s ultimate monster. The time to fight is almost here. The weapon is Savannah Grey.

Savannah Grey isn’t your typical teen, though she’s probably not that abnormal either. Moving from foster home to foster home she’s finally settled on a place that may last throughout the end of her high school years. Only problem? She’s starting to feel suffocated. Not only that, but her throat is making odd sounds at inopportune times. Of course odd sounds don’t always bode well for a new romance. Will Savannah make the difficult decision to repair her throat by whatever means possible and will it be enough to secure her future with an illusive new boy? Or is it possible the universe has something entirely different in store for her?

So, generally speaking, I’m just not the type of girl that picks up science fiction reads. It’s just not my thing. Normally. Well, after being completely drawn in first by the cover of Savannah Grey and then by the synopsis I couldn’t help but want to devour the pages as quickly as possible. I’m so glad I did. Funny thing about that is that I actually read this book nearly three months ago and have waited posting my review because I couldn’t logically put into words exactly what I thought. I’m certain I’m no better now than I was three months ago, but I can honestly say this is a book that won’t let you go; I’ve been thinking about it since I finished it.

Cliff McNish has come up with an incredibly unique story line and I think that’s what really grabbed me about the story. Not often do you find a young adult novel about evolution and science fiction that is so accessible. Savannah Grey alternates narrators between the character Savannah Grey and the alien life form that opposes her, which is rather interesting to read. The concept of an alien life form that has basically evolved from a single cell into a formidable adversary was something I’d really never read before. Couple that with the weapon that Savannah has unknowingly concealed inside her throat, also another evolutionary trick against this foe, and you have a positively gripping read.

Now, as for the “non-scientific” aspects of the story, specifically her romantic interest as well as her home and friends, it was sometimes touch and go. I loved that the lead character was female and a powerful leading lady at that. I also loved the conflict that arose within herself regarding the weapon in her throat. What confused me at times was her sudden enthrallment with Reece. Still, even this was only a fleeting feeling because as the story progressed you were able to discover more and more why she would in fact be drawn to him. I’ll tell you this, it has nothing to do with his charming nature or good looks, be prepared to be surprised. With those feelings resolved by the end of the book the other aspects of her life, such as her friendships and foster care situation made her more real and much easier to connect with.

What if life wasn’t as simple as yes, I’m normal or no, I’m abnormal? And what if your options leaned more toward the, “I could possibly be a monster” side of things. For Savannah Grey her nightmares are only just beginning and though her sudden new companionship brings her comfort it also raises many questions. Will Savannah make the right choice? Discover a fantastic new science fiction young adult novel and be prepared to be surprised as well as possibly discover an entire new genre to look into. Cliff McNish has created a cast of characters and a story that will not easily be forgotten; one I will definitely be recommending for some time to come.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 15 and up. Be prepared to be surprised by this incredibly intense and unique science fiction young adult novel.
Some violence, not suitable for younger readers.

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4 Responses to Book Review: Savannah Grey by Cliff McNish

  1. Mardel says:

    This sounds like something I might enjoy – even if it’s Young Adult. I’m going to check it out. by the way, how was the dialogue? believable? like normal kids? or did they use words that older adults would normally use? That kind of thing affects my reading pleasure…lol – really. 🙂

  2. Gina says:

    Scary picture. Sorry, but it is to me. Sometimes it’s good to ruminate on your reading experience before posting. Helps to gather your thoughts. AS for me, probably not one I’d pick up….but I definitely enjoyed the review especially the emotional aspect. Curious how that played out. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Serena says:

    I’m twelve and I recently read Savannah Grey. I understand why you said that people from the age of 15 should read it, as there is a lot of violence. Nevertheless, I loved it and felt like it was one of the better books I have read this year.

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