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The 20 Question Interview with our very own Turkeybird is our feature interview that will be happening with all of the book authors, illustrators and poets we love! Today the Turkeybird has the wonderful opportunity of sharing with you his interview with author and National Ambassador for Children’s Literature emeritus, Jon Scieszka. The Turkeybird had a fantastic time thinking of crazy and fun questions! So, without further hesitation on our part, the Turkeybird’s 20 Question interview with Jon Scieszka…

1. I’m starting school this year, for the first time, ever. What joke should I tell?
What is brown and sticky?
A brown stick.

2. You don’t have any sisters? Really? Not even one? Maybe she’s hiding.
Not even one. Though if I did have one, she probably would be hiding.

3. Do you like all those brothers?
I like them all sometimes. But other times some of my brothers drive me crazy and then I have to wrestle them to the ground. Just like I used to.

4. There’s a girl in your Guys Read book (that’s what my mom said). Why? It’s not “Guys and a Girl Reads”? That’s so silly!
The book is for lots of guys to read. And lots of guys read writing by girls like Kate DiCamillo, JK Rowling, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Laurie Keller, Lois Lowry, Suzanne Collins, Rosemary Wells . . .

5. What’s your favorite color? Mine’s pink right now. The other day I really liked brown.
Today I am liking green. I’m usually a big fan of blue too. And orange is a lot of fun.

6. Do you like pigs? They seem kind of silly in your wolf book.
I don’t like pigs. I used to work with some (when I worked on a farm). And that’s when I found that pigs can be very mean.

7. I just turned four! What book did you read when you were four? I’ve been reading The Loud Book a lot right now.
Go, Dog. Go! was one of my favorite books when I was four. And it still is now.

8. Numbers or letters? I like numbers the best!

9. Why?
Numbers can do things letters can’t do. And letters can do things numbers can’t do.

10. My mom showed me a picture of you wearing a necklace. That seems kind of silly. Why would you do that?
That wasn’t my necklace. It was my medal. The President of the United States, his wife, and the guy in charge of all of the libraries in America gave it to me as the first National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature. So I wear it almost all of the time.

11. What’s your favorite word? Mine’s underpants, for right now at least.
Mine is underpants because you just made me think of it. But hoot is a pretty good word too. You get to do it while you say it.

12. What was your favorite book to read out loud to your kids when they were my age?
My daughter loved The Gingerbread Man. And my son liked anything with Davy Crockett in it.

13. Crayons or Markers?

14. Why?
Because it wasn’t one of the choices. And I do love the way chalk drawings wash away.

15. What’s the craziest thing you’ve learned? My dad just taught me that you’re not supposed to jump the lines in mazes, isn’t that so crazy?!
I just learned that there are some spiders who pretend like they are ants. They put some of their 8 legs up to look like ant antennae. They walk around in zig zags just like ants. And some of them even make smells like ant smells. Crazy.

16. Do you have a favorite treat? Mine is chocolate everything!
I love noodles. Italian noodles, Chinese noodles, Japanese noodles, oodles of noodles.

17. What’s the funniest book you’ve ever read? My favorite is There’s A Bird on Your Head!
I liked There’s A Bird on Your Head too. I laughed at Diary of A Wimpy Kid. And I always laugh at some of the George and Martha stories and some of the Frog and Toad stories.

18. What book are you writing right now?
I’m writing a book about all of the trucks in Trucktown having a giant Play Day . . . or maybe a race . . . or maybe a wrestling match . . . I can’t decide which.

19. Pirates or robots? I can’t pick.
Definitely robots, because they can do so many things. And definitely not pirates, because they are so smelly and can not be trusted.

20. If you were four and had a little sister who always wanted to read about elephants. Plech! What would you read next?
I would read George and Martha stories. And I would explain to my little sister that George and Martha are big and grey just like elephants. (She could find out later that they are hippos.)

The Turkeybird Speaks: “Thank you so much Mr. Scieszka! Now that I know what that medal means, I think I’d like to wear one someday if I can. How neat!

“I’m so glad you like There Is A Bird on Your Head! We just read it again yesterday and I can’t stop laughing, it’s so good. My mom said that next time we go to the library we’ll look for the George and Martha books because I’ll probably like them a lot too.  And I can’t wait to read your new Trucktown book! We have one that my little sister is always picking up to read, which is super because I like trucks so much and she does too.

“You did a super great job with the interview Mr. Scieszka and I really liked your joke, I’m trying to learn it so I can tell it at school! Thank you again for all the great answers! (Now that I think about it…robots are way better than pirates!)”


About the Guys Read Libray:
Jon Scieszka’s Guys Read is a program designed to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers. Research shows that young boys don’t take to reading quite as readily as their girl counterparts—but also that boys will read, if they are given reading that interests them. That’s where the Guys Read Library of Great Reading comes in: Guys Read: Funny Business and Guys Read: Thriller are the first two volumes in the definitive series of short story collections just for guys. Contributors include the best-of-the-best in writing for children today: M.T. Anderson, Gennifer Choldenko, Eoin Colfer, Christopher Paul Curtis, Kate DiCamillo, Matt de la Pena, Paul Feig, Jack Gantos, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Bruce Hale, Anthony Horowitz, Jeff Kinney, David Lubar, Jarrett J. Krosoczka, Walter Dean Myers, James Patterson, Adam Rex, and David Yoo. And they’re writing stories about homicidal turkeys, teenage mummies, the world’s worst private detectives…What more could a guy ask for?

About John Scieszka:
Jon Scieszka is the National Ambassador for Children’s Literature emeritus and the bestselling author of more than twenty-five books for kids including The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, Math Curse, Robot Zot!, and the Time Warp Trio series. Jon founded Guys Read to encourage a passion for reading among young boys, with the philosophy that boys love to read most when they are reading things they love. A former elementary school teacher, Jon lives in Brooklyn with his family. You can visit him online at

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26 Responses to Author Interview: 20 Questions with Jon Scieszka

  1. Raquel says:

    WOW! I hope Turkeybird knows that interview Jon Scieszka is hitting the big leagues. 🙂 This was very fun to read.

    • I’m not sure he completely understand that, though he is quite envious of Jon’s medal now. Mom certainly knows though, it was such an honor to have the opportunity! 😉

  2. Amazing interview. Some of the best questions I’ve read. Now I can’t stop thinking about underpants. So glad I wore them today (how embarrassing would that have been?). Thank you Turkeybird!

  3. Gina says:

    LOVE the opening joke. ^_^ Wow…pigs can be mean, huh? Puts the big bad wolf in a whole new light. Whoa…spiders pretending to be ants…back to another wolf analogy. Great interview guys!

    • Isn’t it great (the joke)?! He’s actually trying hard to remember it, because Turkeybird is a total joker. I absolutely know he’ll be telling this in school!

      Thank you so much! SO glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

  4. NotNessie says:

    Hilarious interview with one of my favorite children’s authors. I love that joke, too. I’m going to go teach it to Whee right now.

  5. Katie says:

    I just learned so many new things!! For example… didn’t know that there was a National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature. Love that President Obama. And Jon Scieszka was a perfect first choice. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. PragmaticMom says:

    Turkeybird did such a great interview! Very impressive. I LOVE Jon Scieszka though it’s so challenging getting the spelling of his last name correct. My kindergartener boy LOVES all his books. Our favorite is Math Curse followed by Science Curse and closely behind Henry P. Baloney. We also like The Stinky Cheese Man. I’m not sure why we don’t own them all because his books rock!

    • Ahhh…thank you so much! It was an honor and so much fun as well. Especially because Scieszka’s books are so so good, as you said. Just cannot go wrong with a single one!

  7. Susan Berger says:

    Love it! Thank you.
    When Turkey bird is over, try his Time Twister books

  8. Janelle says:

    Such fun! My son’s a big fan of the Trucktown series. And, we all love Stinky Cheese Man.

  9. […] Favorite There’s A Book feature? Our recent start of the “20 Questions with Turkeybird” Interview series. In which my 4 year old son interviews all varieties of authors, including most recently the National Ambassador to Children’s Literature emeritus Jon Sciesczka! […]

  10. What a fabulous interview!!! So refreshing. I truly loved it and enjoyed reading it. Hmm… I don’t have a four year old right now (I have a quirky/feisty nine year old), can I borrow yours as we do some of our author interviews?? Hahaha. Or maybe I can arm-wrestle my nine year old to coming up with something as witty as your 4 year old. =)

  11. Raquel says:

    Would like to point out that Jon Scieskza said this was one of the best interviews he’s ever done when I bet him at BEA!

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