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Today, as part of my month long feature of Walden Pond Press, I have the opportunity to share the new cover for the sequel to Chris Rylander’s debut novel The Fourth Stall. I absolutely loved The Fourth Stall and am now equally excited, if not more so, for the sequel The Fourth Stall 2! Take a look at this fantastic new cover and let me know what you think in the comments below…

The life of crime is good. Mac has taken down legendary high school crime boss Staples, business has been booming, and Mac and Vince are getting ready for middle school baseball tryouts. But this can’t last. Mac has always tried to keep his friends close, and his enemies closer. But what happens when you can’t tell the difference?

This dilemma walks into the fourth stall in the form of Trixie Von Parkway – an eighth grader with a mean look and an even meaner predicament. The new science teacher is terrorizing her, and she needs Mac to get him off her back. Seems simple enough, but as Mac starts to dig deeper, he finds even more trouble brewing at his school, including a new administrator bent on destroying his business. In the past, the worst thing that could have happened to Mac was that he might lose a little money, maybe catch a beating. In THE FOURTH STALL PART II, though, there’s going to be much more on the line than that.

The Fourth Stall 2 will be out February 2012 and I can hardly wait! What about you?

Today’s post is part of our month long celebration of Walden Pond Press for our monthly feature “Book Publishers 101“. Make sure to stop by the Walden Pond Press Site for more information about this title and more. For more information about our Book Publishers 101 feature take a look at this month’s opening post.

Make sure to stop by our huge month long giveaway from Walden Pond Press, including a chance to win a copy of the first book in the series, The Fourth Stall by Chris Rylander!

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10 Responses to Book Publishers 101: The Fourth Stall 2 Cover Reveal

  1. Awesome cover!! Can’t wait to read book 2!

  2. Can’t wait! Loved the The Fourth Stall–as did my son 🙂

  3. Gina says:

    With you on the can hardly wait, but not so keen on the cover. The style and font choice are fine but the addition of the characters themselves sorta threw me off of it a bit. Still, will it stop me from checking it out? NOPE! Thanks for the share! ^_^

  4. Jen says:

    Adding the kids to the cover of this book makes them seem menacing! I know they’re hardcore but they seem a little scary. I like the red though!

  5. O.W. says:

    As a “The Godfather” fan, I, of course loved the cover of the first book. I wish they would have somehow kept more of that feel. However, I must admit, my teen son is into animation/anime. That being said, the cover is probably not intended to attract the attention of me – a soccer mom-type 🙂 – but is, instead, intended to appeal to its target reader, preteens :-).

    I can hardly wait for this book to come out.

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