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Cahoots by Karla Oceanak and Illustrated by Kendra Spanjer

Published by Bailiwick Press

Pages: 160

Ages: 7-13

Publishers Summary: Summer is drawing to a close, and the Zelnicks travel to the family farm in Minnesota for their vacation. Aldo’s mom is eager for him to experience the things she loved as a girl…shucking sweet corn, milking cows, gathering eggs. A week of FRESH AIR and living off the land!

But Aldo suspects that farm life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be…and it’s worse than he feared. The rooster wakes him at dawn, the chores nearly do him in, and Timothy and the cousins—identical twin pranksters—are in cahoots against him. Plus, the creepy, old portrait of his great-grandfather Aldo (the very one he’s named after) seems to be watching him from his frame on the wall…

All this without the comforts of TV or computer—because the Anderson farm is (gasp!) technology-free.

Aldo Zelnick is back again with another hilarious story that will leave readers anxious for even more! In Cahoots the Zelnick family takes off on a spur-of-the-moment vacation to a place with just “the basics.” Aldo’s mother grew up on a farm and now it’s owned by her older brother who lives there with his wife and Aldo’s twin cousins. Little does Aldo know when setting off for this adventure on the farm, but his entire family as well as his friends are in cahoots against him, leaving him stranded for days without his beloved technology. What’s a computer farm-building fiend to do? Find out as Aldo spends a week without technology all while being haunted by a ghost to boot!

Cahoots is yet another installment in the Aldo Zelnick comic novel series I couldn’t resist. From the moment I finished Bogus I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next in the series, Cahoots, and now am anxious to read Dumbstruck. What I discovered for the first time though while reading Cahoots was how much I really thoroughly enjoyed the “word” aspect of the series. For those of you not yet familiar with this great series, it’s based around each letter of the alphabet and each book is chock full of words that start with that letter including an entire word “Gallery” to cover each. Prior to reading this book in the series I’ve really enjoyed it overall, but this time around I found myself soaking in the words. This might also have something to do with the fact that the Turkeybird (my four year old son) was constantly asking me to explain the words to him while we were reading it together. I loved every minute of it and now I’m excited for him to eventually get to the point where he can read the series entirely on his own.

This series is absolutely perfect for young readers, but I’m positive adults will fall in love with Aldo as well. His true-to-life behavior is something you cannot resist. How many of us have technology obsessed children? Even myself, with only a two and four year old have problems regulating the amount of time each kiddos spends in front of a screen of some sort. Aldo’s constant need to be “connected” to an electronic gadget is something kids everywhere will relate to and hopefully through his story be inspired to spend a little more time with the family members we love. Not only that, but I’m positive they’ll learn something, even if it’s only a single new word to add to their dictionary.

Without a doubt, The Aldo Zelnick comic series is one to look for! From adults to young children all who open the pages and peer into Aldo’s world will discover something to love, laugh at and learn from. In Cahoots watch as Aldo gets reacquainted with family he hasn’t seen in some time, not only because of distance but because of his lack of time away from any piece of technology. He braves the elements and learns that life on a technology-free farm with cantankerous twin cousins and conniving family may be less copacetic than he thought it was going to be. A hilariously illustrated graphic novel that should be enjoyed by all, Cahoots is the best of The Aldo Zelnick series to date!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 3 and up! Early readers will love Aldo’s cooky ways and older readers will thoroughly enjoy humor & educational aspects. A must read series for all!

Cahoots Coloring Pages

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