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Guys Read: Funny Business edited by John Scieszka

Published by Walden Pond Press

Pages: 208

Ages: 8-12

Publishers Summary: It’s here: Volume One of the official Guys Read Library. Jon Scieszka’s Guys Read initiative was founded on a simple premise: that young guys enjoy reading most when they have reading they can enjoy. And out of this comes a series that aims to give them just that. Ten books, arranged by theme, featuring the best of the best where writing for kids is concerned. Each book is a collection of original short stories, but these aren’t your typical anthologies—each book is edgy, inventive, visual, and one-of-a-kind, featuring a different theme for guys to get excited about.

Funny Business is based around the theme of—what else?—humor, and if you’re familiar with Jon and Guys Read, you already know what you’re in store for: ten hilarious stories from some of the funniest writers around. Before you’re through, you’ll meet a teenage mummy; a kid desperate to take a dip in the world’s largest pool of chocolate milk; a homicidal turkey; parents who hand over their son’s room to a biker; the only kid in his middle school who hasn’t turned into a vampire, wizard, or superhero; and more. And the contributor list includes bestselling author, award winners, and fresh new talent alike: Mac Barnett, Eoin Colfer, Christopher Paul Curtis, Kate DiCamillo (writing with Jon Scieszka), Paul Feig, Jack Gantos, Jeff Kinney, David Lubar, Adam Rex, and David Yoo.

Guys Read is all about turning young readers into lifelong ones—and with this book, and each subsequent installment in the series, we aim to leave no guy unturned.

Robots, a mummy, a chocolate milk pool, turkeys and more all await you as you enter the wacky world in Guys Read: Funny Business. Short stories by some of the most brilliant children’s book authors of our time fill the pages of this marvelous compilation written specifically with boys in mind. Be prepared to laugh until you cry, be entirely grossed out, fear for your life and possibly get a craving or two as you pick up one of the funniest books on the shelves today. With Jon Scieszka editing there’s no doubt you’ll find something to love within the pages of Guys Read: Funny Business.

I’ll be honest, it’s taken me awhile to get to this book, but I’m so so glad I did. When I initially spotted it almost a year ago when it was released I couldn’t help but want to read it. I mean, look at that cover! Isn’t it hilarious? Also, I’m a huge fan of humorous stories, huge. I especially enjoy humor for this age group most likely because of the lack of inhibitions, particularly in boys, but also because generally speaking, kids are incredibly funny. I can hardly count how many times a day my two kiddos say something that makes my eyes well up with tears from laughing so hard. It’s great! So this was simply a must read and I now that I’m done…I wish it was longer!

One of the things that stood out to me when I was looking into information for our interview with Jon Scieszka was what he said about the Guys Read library of books he was working on. He mentioned that he was doing different themes for each book with different authors that were each the best at those types of writing. It absolutely shows in this volume. As far as I can tell it seems it would be quite difficult to write humor, I love reading it but couldn’t imagine trying to write it. Each writer in this compilation was perfect for the book, though I’d have to say our family’s favorite was the story by David Lubar, Kid Appeal. In nearly a single sitting I’ve read this entire story, about a kid who gets dressed up as a mummy for a school project, to the Turkeybird numerous times from beginning to end. Talk about amazing! It’s nearly 30 pages long and that’s quite a chunk for a four year old to sit through. Not only that he laughs all the way through, especially when words like “fart” are mentioned. It’s hilarious!

If you are someone who isn’t easily squeamish but also loves a good solid hilariously funny read, Guys Read: Funny Business is exactly the book you need to pick up next. I’d be overwhelmingly surprised to learn of someone who’s read the entire book and not laughed hysterically at least once during their reading. And with the appeal of short stories to keep the book moving along or making it easy to pick up for a few minutes here & there you will no doubt find multiple stories to enjoy. Fans of popular authors like Eoin Colfer, David Lubar and Kat DiCamillo may be in for a surprise or two when they pick up a new story from one of their favorites. Incredibly funny, well written and edited, Guys Read: Funny Business is a book I’m eagerly waiting to hand off to the Turkeybird when he gets old enough to read it on his own.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 7 to 14. Side splitting humor at it’s very best from some of the top authors in Children’s books today. Readers everywhere will love this new library of books, but boys most of all will revel in it’s familiar (to them) humor.

Please make sure to take a look at our fantastic interview with the editor of Guys Read: Funny Business & Thriller, Jon Scieszka! Below is the book trailer that inspired the Turkeybird’s very first question for the interview

About the Guys Read Libray:

Jon Scieszka’s Guys Read is a program designed to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers.  Research shows that young boys don’t take to reading quite as readily as their girl counterparts—but also that boys will read, if they are given reading that interests them. That’s where the Guys Read Library of Great Reading comes in: Guys Read: Funny Business and Guys Read: Thriller are the first two volumes in the definitive series of short story collections just for guys.  Contributors include the best-of-the-best in writing for children today: M.T. Anderson, Gennifer Choldenko, Eoin Colfer, Christopher Paul Curtis, Kate DiCamillo, Matt de la Pena, Paul Feig, Jack Gantos, Margaret Peterson Haddix, Bruce Hale, Anthony Horowitz, Jeff Kinney, David Lubar, Jarrett J. Krosoczka, Walter Dean Myers, James Patterson, Adam Rex, and David Yoo.  And they’re writing stories about homicidal turkeys, teenage mummies, the world’s worst private detectives…What more could a guy ask for?

Find Guys Read: Funny Business edited by John Scieszka at the following spots:
Powell’s Books
Barnes & Noble

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6 Responses to Book Review: Guys Read – Funny Business edited by John Scieszka

  1. Beth Kephart says:

    so glad you liked this — gave it to my nephew for Christmas and held my breath….

  2. Cathe Olson says:

    I LOVED that book. I got an ARC to review and my daughters keep asking me, “What’s so funny?” because I kept disturbing them with my laughing. There were many great stories–but the one that has really stuck with me was the turkey one. It was just hilarious!

    Besides getting to read short stories by some of our favorite writers, we were introduced to couple of authors in the book that we hadn’t read before. The story by Eoin Colfer about his brother got us intrigued enough to listen to the audio version of Artemis Fowl together–and it was great.

    • Isn’t that so funny! My family was doing the same thing while I was reading it. There were so many times I was in tears laughing so hard and they kept asking me…”what is so funny?” It was great!

      I’m doing exactly the same thing with the Eoin Colfer story! I totally want to read the Artemis Fowl series now. Completely intrigued.

  3. I won a copy of Guys Read-Funny Business and absolutely loved it. My blogger friends said they’d love to read it sitting in a doctor’s office and laugh out loud having people stare at them like they were crazy. I did personally love Artemis Begins being an ardent fan of Eoin Colfer and the Artemis Fowl series. I could see the Donal in Artemis or the Artemis in Donal. But now that I remember it, that mummy story was pretty funny. And the kid and the turkey, I bet he never had a better Thanksgiving! I think they ranged from a chuckle to side splitting and I admire anyone that can do humor, written or spoken. I’d recommend this book to anyone, but you’re right it’s definitely great for those reluctant readers.


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