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The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsome

Published by Walden Pond Press

Pages: 344

Ages: 8-12

Publishers Summary: Gerald Wilkins never considered himself a particularly exceptional thirteen-year-old. But that was before he inherited twenty billion pounds, a Caribbean island, a yacht, and three estates from a great-aunt he never knew. With this fortune, however, comes a letter. One from his great-aunt Geraldine. One that tells Gerald that she was murdered, and that it’s up to him to find out why.

Along with his friends Ruby and Sam, Gerald embarks on a journey that will lead him from the British Museum to dodgy social clubs for the disgustingly rich to mansions in the English countryside to secret places far underground. Who was Geraldine Archer? And what secrets was she hiding? Unless Gerald, Sam, and Ruby can find out before the killer does, they may be next.

With a fantastic snowboarding holiday planned for his break from school the last thing Gerald Wilkins ever thought he’d be doing is attending a funeral. Well, that’s exactly what happens. In lieu of his perfect holiday with his best friend he’s now attending the funeral of his Great Aunt Geraldine, who also happens to have been a billionaire. None of this was known to him as he’d never so much as seen a picture of her before hearing of her untimely demise. Oddly enough, his Great Aunt chooses Gerald to be her sole benefactor and so begins Gerald’s life as London’s youngest billionaire. Unfortunately for him there are a few people who want to see things change, not to mention they’re after a prized diamond that’s suddenly gone missing which his Grandmother was responsible for. All of this when what he was hoping for were a few runs down a powder filled slope.

Such an incredibly fun read. The Billionaire’s Curse is an adventure I have no doubt will capture the hearts of readers who love books that never stop until you reach your final destination. The main character, Gerald Wilkins, starts out as a typical boy and pretty much remains so with the exception of his newly inherited fortune. From page one to the last page took me just under three hours to completely because it was extremely well paced and I simply couldn’t put it down. I should mention at this point that I’m not even generally a huge fan of adventure type books and movies. So finishing The Billionaire’s Curse in a single sitting is saying something.

The adventure revolves around Gerald and his new friends Ruby & Sam, twin brother and sister, who are all trying to discover who murdered his Great Aunt thanks to a few letters she left behind. It was unbelievable that Gerald’s parents would just leave him, but I’m quite glad they did because they were about the only characters I didn’t enjoy in the beginning of the book. Gerald, Sam and Ruby never stop poking around and searching for the diamond that has been stolen, in hopes that they may also discover a killer.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you inherited a large fortune as a teenager? Wonder no longer, as Richard Newsome shares an incredible journey with the young Gerald Wilkins. I have no doubt that fans of books like Artemis Fowl and Alex Rider will absolutely love The Archer Legacy trilogy. Richard Newsome is an author who not only knows the history of the places he writes about from first hand experience, but he’s also a brilliant author who knows how to write books young readers will love; especially boys. Be prepared for an incredible adventure as well as a mystery that has you wanting more even after you close the last page!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 8-14. An adventure series that will have you flipping the pages until the very end. Perfect for young readers and boys especially will connect with Gerald, the main character of The Archer Legacy trilogy.

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4 Responses to Book Review: The Billionaire’s Curse by Richard Newsome

  1. One of my reluctant readers loved this book and begged for more. I have not read it myself, but if it can get my kids reading I know it must be good!

  2. Jill says:

    Ah, an adventure book without vampires! 😀 Interesting read…

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