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Sunday {App}etizers is a new feature where we take our absolute favorite Book Apps for the iPad and iPhone and serve them up for you to enjoy! We may feature one or half a dozen each week, it all depends on how many {app}etizers we think you need that week. This week’s feature…Be Confident In Who You Are by Annie Fox and Electric Eggplant Apps.

Meet Jack, Jen, Chris, Abby, Mateo, and Michelle—7th graders who are just trying to figure out what the heck middle school is all about. But standing in their way are some serious challenges—bullies putting them down, blowups that threaten friendships, and real doubts about whether they measure up in looks, popularity, smarts, or athletic ability.

An engaging blend of fiction and smart-talk practical advice, Annie Fox’s ground-breaking new Middle School Confidential series for 11-14 year olds provides the answers young teens need in a contemporary, full-color graphic-novel format that will draw in even reluctant readers.

Why I love this Book App:

Middle school is tough for a variety of reasons, but the most difficult have everything to do with how kids feel about themselves. Explore the world of middle school woes through the eyes of six very real kids and help others to find what it takes to be yourself.

Why I loved the App: This is one of the neatest book apps I’ve seen for middle grade readers. I was able to view this entire graphic novel on an iPad 2 and the graphics alone were brilliant! In addition to that the app is packed full of sound effects, including narration and background noises which made you feel as if you were “watching” a book unfold before your eyes. Just gorgeous!

Why I loved the Book: As I mentioned, this is a graphic novel intended for middle grade readers and wonderfully so. There aren’t too many book apps of this caliber out currently and so I was extremely pleased to see Be Confident In Who You Are out there for young readers to enjoy. The message it provides kids is exactly what they need at this very difficult age. From outside influences to inner voices, there’s constantly someone nipping at your heels during that time of life. Not only that, but it’s a time when many of our own confidence characteristics are developed and as such it’s important to address them in whatever way possible. Be Confident In Who You Are is perfect at that stage of life when you’re adjusting between elementary and high school ages, making that transition even that much easier.

The Sweet and Savory Sum-up: Ages 8 to 15. Confidence building and individuality supporting at it’s finest.

Thank you so much to the publisher, Electric Eggplant Apps, for providing the opportunity to review this book app!

4 Responses to Sunday {App}etizers: Be Confident In Who You Are by Annie Fox

  1. NotNessie says:

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gina says:

    Great new(-ish) feature! Don’t have the option for apps on my phone….but glad to see some great new bookish things for those that do.

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