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Sunday {App}etizers is a new feature where we take our absolute favorite Book Apps for the iPad and iPhone and serve them up for you to enjoy! We may feature one or half a dozen each week, it all depends on how many {app}etizers we think you need that week. This week’s feature…Emma Loves Pink by Winged Chariot

Publishers Summary: To all the little girls who love pink.
A charming picture book story in 3 languages with lovely digital stickers to play with. From the award-winning Estonian artist Piret Raud.

Welcome to Emma’s fantasy world of pink. Join the adorable little hare as she takes you through an imaginative and comic catalogue of her favourite colour. Follow the playful illustrations and read the story in 3 languages: English, Estonian and Japanese. Enjoy the lovely animation, beautiful artwork and smooth curling page turns. First, choose your preferred language. Then choose story or stickers. To turn the pages of the story, simply swipe right to left. Print, resize and save your sticker drawings to email to your friends. Discover sounds and beautiful animation within this delightful story. Available on the iPhone, iPod touch and the new iPad.

Littlebug Loves Emma Loves Pink: Pink. Pink. Pink! I love this book on my mom’s phone and on Grandma’s “big phone” (ie. an iPad). I really really like all the pink and the little bunny. Oh! And the stickers are so much fun! It’s so funny too because the little froggy turns pink in the end and I love that. This is so much fun and you should really share it with someone who loves pink, they will be so happy!

Mom’s Two Cents: Beautiful. If I were to sum this book app up in one word (besides PINK of course) it would be beautiful. Not only is it a delightful story about a little girl, much like many of the ones we all know, who loves the color pink, but it’s a great story about friendship and finding beauty in the world. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this with Littlebug as well as watching her delight in the interactive features the book provides. Each of the pages turn so much like a print book and there are even “stickers” to be played with in another portion of the app. Perfect for little ones because who doesn’t know a kiddo who doesn’t love stickers? I must also mention that the “read to me” version of the story is narrated by a very adorable little girl with a British accent, just lovely!

The Sweet and Savory Sum-up: Take a peek into the world of a very pink little bunny and enjoy a delightful range of interactive features little ones are bound to love!

Take a look at the very cute book app trailer for Emma Loves Pink by Winged Chariot:

3 Responses to Sunday {App}etizers: Emma Loves Pink by Winged Chariot

  1. Ann says:

    Love the reviews.

  2. Lena says:

    Thanks for the review. My favorite Ipad app is Flipboard. My blog looks totally awesome in it. I feel so accomplished when I read it in that app. Best app ever in my book.

  3. PragmaticMom says:

    We just read Emma Loves Pink last night, my K son and I. He likes it even though he usually won’t tolerate girly girl pink books. Ah, the power of the iPad (and a limited selection of ebooks!).

    I do love her accent though. My middle child asked if it was the same girl in Charlie and Lola.

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