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Sunday {App}etizers is a new feature where we take our absolute favorite Book Apps for the iPad and iPhone and serve them up for you to enjoy! We may feature one or half a dozen each week, it all depends on how many {app}etizers we think you need that week. Our first feature, Funny Faces published by Top That! Publishing.

Funny Faces Summary:
This fantastic app, featuring the “drag and drop” technology, encourages imaginative play with hilarious results!

Children will love to mix and match the wardrobe full of FUNNY FACIAL FEATURES to create comical MONSTER, ANIMAL, FAMILY and PET faces time and time again. From alien antennas on a chicken, to a pigs nose on a horse, there are hundreds of crazy combinations to discover! Mix this “drag and drop” technology with the state of the art eBook features and be prepared to be amazed! Children love being able to run their fingers over the text to hear the story and touch any word to hear it said or spelt. They will happily spend hours colouring in the book and they can record themselves as well. This “drag and drop” app is the perfect gift for your children and, even better, it’s great learning as well!

Why we love this app:

Littlebug: “My favoritest part is the playing with the faces! I love giving all the animals funny faces, because it makes my mom laugh really hard.”

Turkeybird: “This is the coolest book! My very most favorite part is that I can record my voice and play it back. It’s so neat because I can make up stories for all of the funny faces I make. So cool!”

Mom: Funny Faces is more than a simple book with interactive parts. I love that there are stories to listen to or be recorded on your own as well as the imaginative part that allows children to create their own characters. Perfect for playing together or allowing your child to create on their own!”

The Sweet and Savory Sum-up: Creative, Imaginative, and Fun. Perfect for ages 2 and up.

One Response to Sunday {App}etizers: Funny Faces

  1. Gema Phealon says:

    These faces looks really funny. Child will get lot of amusement.

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