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Sunday {App}etizers is a new feature where we take our absolute favorite Book Apps for the iPad and iPhone and serve them up for you to enjoy! We may feature one or half a dozen each week, it all depends on how many {app}etizers we think you need that week. This week’s feature…The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow Apps.

Nosy Crow Apps is actually a book app developer that I was first introduced to thanks to their traditional print publishing side’s recent partnership with Candlewick Press. I for one was extremely excited about the partnership and then when I learned about the book app division of Nosy Crow publishing I couldn’t help but be even more thrilled. Nosy Crow Apps is exactly where I think children’s book app development is headed in the future.

The Three Little Pigs app has all the interactive capabilities you’d hope for in an elite book app for children, but at an incredibly affordable price. When I look at children’s book apps for my own kiddos there are a couple of things I’m immediately drawn to: graphics/illustrations, literacy/reading element and a “fun factor.” The Three Little Pigs book app has all of that and even more than I never expected. Even as an adult I couldn’t help but want to jump back onto the phone and iPad once the kiddos finished up reading through this book. It really is incredibly fun!

One of the things that stuck with me from my very first read-through of the book was how incredibly interactive it was. Everything seems to move in some way when you touch the screen, especially the characters. Each of the pigs has the ability to flip as does the wolf in his big truck as he drives around, the kiddos loved flipping and twirling all of them. As a professional musician, it was also nice to see how much attention was paid to the music for each character and setting, just stunning. Not to mention the added fun of having the story narrated by adorable children! I don’t know about you, but there’s something about having a book read to my kiddos by another child that gets them engaged and giggling all the way to the end. I love it!

If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you really must have this book app! I don’t care if you don’t have children, you’ll love it as an adult and if you do have children you’ll love watching, listening and hearing them giggle as each character encounters so many funny things along their journey. Nosy Crow is a Children’s book app developer that is paving the way toward breaching that gap between print and digital media for children. I have no doubt there will be much talk of Nosy Crow in the future with another half dozen book apps coming out over the next few months. So be sure to grab this one soon, you won’t want to get behind in your reading!

The Sweet and Savory Sum-up: Nosy Crow’s The Three Little Pigs children’s book app is the future of digital media in an incredibly beautiful and giggle-worthy package that young and old will adore!

Please, do not miss this fantastic book trailer that will have you and your little ones in stitches by the end! Too cute!

4 Responses to Sunday {App}etizers: The Three Little Pigs by Nosy Crow Apps

  1. Beth Kephart says:

    I have been following your app reviews with great interest. The world is opening new doors to storytellers, and you are chronicling the latest and newest. Thanks for doing that.

    • Thank you so much Beth! It’s been a lot of fun to review these and also interesting to see where publishing is going. I’m also interested in where things are headed, so no place better to be than in the thick of things, right?

  2. Courtney says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this one….we just got an IPAD for Little Man to use with sensory and speech apps….it’s a challenge to find the good ones among all those out there! We are gonna try the LITE version of this one and maybe purchase the full later. Keep me updated if you know of any other great ones!

    • Oh! Perfect! He will love the iPad and I think it will do wonders for his sensory awareness. I know that these types of apps have helped the Turkeybird tremendously. I’ll definitely keep you updated! 🙂

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