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Finding Danny by Linzi Glass

Published by Walden Pond Press

Pages: 208

Ages: 8-12

Publishers Summary: Twelve-year-old Bree Davies is devastated when her beloved Border Collie, Danny, goes missing after her mom leaves the gate open to their Santa Monica home. In her search to find Danny, Bree is thrust into the world of animals in need. With the help and guidance of animal rescuer Rayleen, Bree’s heart is opened to the plight of the dogs in the downtown Vox Street shelter. Before long, her emptiness about her own loss shifts into action – and her quest to find Danny and her newfound mission to save the shelter dogs soon become one.

Longtime animal rescuer Linzi Glass has crafted a singular story of finding oneself in the search for finding another, a compelling emotional journey as well as a call-to-action for animal-lovers everywhere.

Bree’s workaholic parents would do anything for her, including get her a companion to be with her during the times when they are away. Her dad, a news journalist that travels many months out of the year, and her mom, a local news reporter, adopted her best doggie companion Danny in hopes it would fill the gaps when they weren’t there for her. When the house is left open one day and Danny disappears Bree is left alone and heartbroken. What happens during her search for Danny is something that changes not only her life but the lives of animals & animal lovers everywhere.

Finding Danny was a wonderful read. This is perfect read for middle grade animal lovers in fact. A quick pace and a terrific heroine, this is a story that young readers will breeze through and many will relate to. Bree’s parent’s constant inability to connect with her, leaving her alone on weekends & evenings will be something that many readers will undoubtedly relate to. Not only that, but her connection to her canine companion, Danny, is something I think we all long for, especially us animal lovers. It definitely reminded me of my childhood with the never-ending stream of huggable kitties that came through our doors and often much needed companionship during lonely times.

It’s what Bree accomplishes during the time that Danny goes missing that will be truly inspiring to readers everywhere. In her efforts to locate her best friend she seeks out the help of an animal rescuer and the local shelter. Her new friend, Rayleen, shows her that she can accomplish much just by reaching out and working hard. Through her efforts with Rayleen and the shelter she’s able to help hundreds of dogs find new homes and save them from a life alone. The message was wonderful and I think especially for tweens and teens today who are either over or under achievers this may provide them with a sense of ownership and direction. Because sometimes all we need, even adults, is a good push in the right direction.

Through the eyes of Bree Davies readers will experiences the possibilities that can happen when we look beyond ourselves even if momentarily. Bree’s efforts to find her beloved companion Danny end in the surprising outcome of the rescue of hundreds of dogs that will inspire readers old and young. Linzi Glass, a known animal rescuer and lover herself, has shared a story that middle grade readers everywhere will fall in love with. Open your hearts to the wonderful world found in Finding Danny and possibly discover a passion you didn’t know existed!

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 8 and up. Inspire young readers to take a chance and stretch themselves as they see through Bree’s eyes what can be accomplish with a little work. Quickly paced and well written, animal lovers everywhere will love Finding Danny.

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11 Responses to Book Review: Finding Danny by Linzi Glass

  1. Beth Hoffman says:

    Oh, this book sounds wonderful. I’m going to order it for a special little boy!

  2. This sounds and looks so sweet.

  3. Kelly H-Y says:

    My son would LOVE this one … thank you, thank you for this great review and heads-up!

  4. lorena says:

    Linzi i love the book Finding Danny.It is a really sad and happy really touched my heart in the last two chapters.Finding Danny is one of my favorite story, and you are one of my favorite author!!!!!!

  5. Bryan Duong says:

    I read the book for a school book club. it was Good I’d give it a 8/10

  6. Lyn says:

    Hi this book really stinks and I don’t recommend it for anyone……….:)

  7. Lyn says:

    why does it have a collie on the cover I don’t like those!!

  8. Lyn says:

    this book was faboooo I loved it keep up the great work! okay bye! I am going to enjoy the sun outside

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