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There's A Book

by Mary Quattlebaum and Illustrated by Alexandra Boiger

Published by Hyperion Books for Children

Pages: 40

Ages: 4-8

Goodreads Summary: Bad Bart is the biggest, burliest boy pirate in the Atlantic. Mean Mo is the maddest, mightiest girl pirate in the Pacific. When they meet in the middle, it’s a no-holds-barred contest to see who is the best pirate in the world. They test who is brave enough to swim with sharks, who is strong enough to throw a cannonball, who can eat the most hard tack, and who has collected the most treasure. Again and again their respective crews proclaim, “Tie!” Bad Bart and Mean Mo stare each other down and . . . fall head over heads in love! This epic tale of the union of two pirate captains is told in seadog lingo and illustrated with of knockout oceanic battles. It’s a love story like no other. Arrgh!

Littlebug and Turkeybird Walk the Plank: “We’ve sailed the seas together and now know Littlebug has more treasure than I, Turkeybird the pirate, surely does. But that there be because she’s a thieving pirate!”
Littlebug: “Argh! I’m not a thief! Argh!”
Turkeybird: “Then what yeh be doin’ with this here toy car of mine?”
Littlebug: “Argh! You set it down, so I picked it up. Argh!”
Turkeybird: “That don’t make it yers to pick up. You thieving pirate!”
Littlebug: “Argh! Don’t set your stuff down then. Argh!”
Turkeybird: “Fine, yer not a thieving pirate, just a girly pirate. That’s fine since yer my sister and all.”
Littlebug: “Argh! Well, thanks, I think! Argh!”
Turkeybird and Littlebug: “Yer going to love this here book! We’ve been talkin’ like these here pirates fer days now. It’s better than walkin’ the plank any day and worth all our treasure to are here mum giggling like a little girl!”

Mom’s Two Cents: Bad Bart and Mean Mo are the biggest, maddest and meanest pirates to sail the seven seas. When their paths cross it’s only time until one will win out over the other and call the other the very best among all pirates to sail the oceans, or is it? Test after test Bart and Mo are neck and neck until suddenly they make a stunning realization. Are these two destined to be lifelong enemies or possibly something more? A tale of buried treasure, if ever there was one!

This is such an adorable story. Both of my kiddos have loved reading it, if for no other reason than the vast collection of pirate talk throughout the book. We finish up reading and inevitably it’s nothing but, “argh” and “avast” quotes all day long. It’s hilarious to have a two year old little girl round the corner and suddenly yell, “ARGH!”, only to turn around giggling as she goes away. I love it!

Though the story may be filled with pirate talk there is an underlying message that can be gained. As both Bart and Mo struggle and fight to be the very best on the sea, their will power slowly wanes. In the end they learn to take a closer look at what the other has to offer as opposed to what they may be better at and find a true friend in the process. Yes, the story may be hilarious and fun, but there’s absolutely the possibility of sharing with children the importance of appreciating what others around them have to offer. That each of us has a value and it may be very different or possibly even similar to our own.

Pirate vs. Pirate is a marvelous story with gorgeous illustrations. Not only will kiddos and adults get a kick out of all the pirate talk that appears on nearly every page, but they’ll be captivated by the images created by illustrator Alexandra Boiger. A story developed by the very talented Mary Quattlebaum that will have readers laughing for hours and talking like a pirate for days. Help children learn to appreciate the value in others through this delightful book.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 to 10. Pirate fans beware, this here book be full of buried treasures! Seriously, a fabulous book for children and adults alike that shines light on the importance for looking for the best in others.

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Thank you so much to the publisher, Hyperion Books for Children and Blue Slip Media, for providing a copy of this book for review!
Images used courtesy of the illustrator, Alexandra Boiger. Thank you!
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6 Responses to Book Review: Pirate vs. Pirate by Mary Quattlebaum

  1. Yes! We loved PIRATE VS. PIRATE!

    We’ve been talking like pirates for weeks, inspired by Bad Bart and Mean Mo.

  2. I love a good book that allows my inner-pirate to come out! Arrrghhhh! Ye matey, I will keep my one good eye looking out for this one!

  3. Ann says:

    Love the illustrations

  4. Pussreboots says:

    I just read this one to my two. Their father is telling them a made up pirate story but he needed a break to make up more story. Pirate vs Pirate was the perfect filler for his night off.

  5. […] Pirate vs. Pirate by Mary Quattlebaum – Argh! Do you have a little pirate in your midst? This book is not only perfect for pirate fans, but gorgeously illustrated and written. Not only that, but it has a wonderful message of the importance of looking for the best in others. An absolute favorite of ours! […]

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