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What Kind of Fairy is Merry Berry? by Lindsey Renee and Illustrated by Susan Reagan

Published by Chronicle Books

Pages: 36

Ages: 3-6

Publishers Summary: What is Merry Berry’s special fairy gift?

What can she share with her friends to brighten their days?

This inspiring picture book tells the story of how the Lulabellez Merry Berry earned her fairy wings. What’s the secret ingredient to her success? Cup-cakes! Children will delight in finding out how Merry Berry discovered her delicious hidden talent. Lively illustrations and glitter on the pages make this book one of a kind, sure to be read again and again.

Littlebug Speaks: “Oh, sparkly! So so pretty. This book is so pretty, but my favoritest part is the part when you get to all of the cupcakes. I love cupcakes! Maybe just the frosting, but cupcakes are so fun to eat! It would be so neat to be a cupcake fairy, don’t you think? I could fly around with my magic wand making people happy all day, everyone loves cupcakes I just know it!

“This is such a fun book because it’s sparkly, has yummy cupcakes and there are super powers too! It’s so neat! My mom keeps telling me that one day I can be something special too, but I probally (probably) won’t fly with a wand. That’s okay though, it still sounds like a lot of fun!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “All Merry Berry has dreamed of her entire life is becoming a fairy. Unfortunately, she has yet to discover what her hidden talent may be that she can share with the world. In a world where there are fairies that do everything from make flowers grow to ones that teach others to sing, it’s hard for Merry Berry to believe she fits into the picture. Until one day she finally dreams of her very special talent and decides to make a go for it. Cupcakes, every variety ever created and even new ones all her own. Merry Berry discovers that not only is she to be the Cupcake fairy, but that all she needed to do was follow her dreams to discover what would make her and everyone around her happy for years and years to come.

“I need to admit something here…when we discovered we were to have a little girl it was things like this that had me most terrified. See, I’m definitely more of a tomboy. Growing up I was the oldest of three girls who ended up being my dad’s ‘helper’ and I loved it. Everything from working on cars to repairing home stereos were the things I reveled in. Well, low and behold I now have a daughter who loves all things sparkly and pretty. I’m adjusting. The nice thing is that Littlebug is still a bit of a tomboy herself, due to growing up with an older brother. What’s incredibly nice though is when the ‘girlie’ side of things comes in the form of a book. We love books around our house and I especially love books that come with a fantastic message, as this one does. So, due to the fact that What Kind of Fairy is Merry Berry? has a wonderful message, the illustrations are incredibly fun and Littlebug loves the story I’m going to let the ‘girlie’ factor slide.

“In all seriousness, What Kind of Fairy is Merry Berry? is a wonderful book for kids everywhere who not only love fairies and magical places, but that also need a bit of encouragement to follow their hearts. One of the things I value most about having children is teaching them to follow their dreams and strive to be happy with who they are. This is the wonderful message that shines through in What Kind of Fairy is Merry Berry? A wonderful tale of dreaming big and following your heart that all children (and even adults) can learn from.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 to 7. Share with children the value in following your dreams through this beautiful story and illustrations.

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  1. NotNessie says:

    It’s pink and purple and has a fairy on it. Whee will want this one. Kudos to the marketing dept =oP

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