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Tia Isa Wants A Car by Meg Medina and Illustrated by Claudio Munoz

Published by Candlewick Press
Pages: 32
Ages: 3-7
Publishers Summary:

Tía Isa wants a car. A shiny green car the same color as the ocean, with wings like a swooping bird. A car to take the whole family to the beach. But saving is hard when everything goes into two piles – one for here and one for Helping Money, so that family members who live far away might join them someday. While Tía Isa saves, her niece does odd jobs for neighbors so she can add her earnings to the stack. But even with her help, will they ever have enough? Meg Medina’s simple, genuine story about keeping in mind those who are far away is written in lovely, lyrical prose and brought to life through Claudio Muñoz’s charming characters.
A little girl pitches in to help her tía save up for a big old car – and take the whole family to the beach – in a story told with warmth and sweetness.

Littlebug Drives Away: “So, my mom keeps telling me how neat this book is because the little girl keeps working and saving her money, but I just really like the cars and the beach! It would be so neat to drive with no roof on the car. Don’t you think?! I love going to play outside and playing at the beach is the very best. Maybe one day we can have a neat car with no roof that will take us to the beach! That would be so fun! Until then I’ll just keep asking mommy to read to me about Tia Isa.”

Mom’s Two Cents: Tia Isa has one wish other than being reunited with her family far away, to have a car that will carry them to the beach. Money is tight though and much of her savings must go to her family back home. When her niece sees the difference between what Tia Isa has and what she needs she decides it’s time for her to help. In no time they have the car Tia Isa dreamed of and a perfect day at the beach.

This is a story that all ages will love from children to adults because of it’s beautiful illustrations and it’s wonderful message. Being a “car girl” myself, I absolutely related to Tia Isa. One of the things I prided myself on when I was younger was owning my very own car that I paid for entirely on my own. It took a great deal of work and steady long hours at a job I wasn’t always incredibly fond of, but my car was something that made it all worth it.

For Tia Isa and her niece, the car is not only a source of pride after long hours of work, but also a symbol of freedom. Freedom to drive where they choose and freedom to have the opportunity to purchase the car in the first place. I think that’s the thing that continually surprises me about reading children’s books, is that they have so many themes and opportunities to learn. In Tia Isa Wants A Car it’s not only a wonderful message about the value of a good work ethic, but also about appreciating the freedoms we have and learning to value those around us.

Meg Medina has shared a seemingly simple story of a girl with a longing for a car of her own, but in the process has created a beautiful life from which we can learn so much from as adults & children. Tia Isa Wants A Car is a story about freedom, work ethic, sharing, kindness, joy and more. Filled with rich illustrations by Claudio Munoz, readers will be transported to a world years away but feel as though they know the characters before their eyes. Readers of Hispanic descent will be especially thrilled at the life and history shared in relation to Tia Isa’s life. This is a picture book that should be shared with both children and adults, if for no other reason than to remember to live the lives we have to the fullest enjoying every moment the best we can no matter our situation.

The1stdaughter Recommends:
Ages 2-10. A beautiful book for young and old, rich with layers of meaning, but simple enough for the youngest among us to appreciate it.

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  1. Oooooooooooooooooo I totally want this one! I’ve had it on my list actually. I love Hispanic children’s books.

  2. PS Thanks for the awesome contest.

  3. Nancye Davis says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I already have it, so I don’t need to enter the contest – but good luck everyone!

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