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Sunday {App}etizers´╗┐ is a new feature where we take our absolute favorite Book Apps for the iPad and iPhone and serve them up for you to enjoy! We may feature one or half a dozen each week, it all depends on how many {app}etizers we think you need that week.

This week’s feature…Little Blue Robot by StoryBoy
Written by Joanna Emmanuel, Illustrated by Evan Toh, Read by Joe Murray

Publishers Summary:

In the factory, in a long line of robots, the Little Blue Robot is the last one to be made. Join Little Blue Robot and his friends as they discover how everyone is special in their own way.

Little Blue Robot is one of many in a world powered by machinery. There are red, yellow and even green robots that each have a purpose and a way to help the place in which they live. Little Blue Robot hopes to one day know his own purpose and help those around him who have been so kind.

This is actually one of the very first book apps I purchased when I got my iPhone, primarily because the Turkeybird was obsessed with robots at the time. It’s now been over a year since we first started reading Little Blue Robot by StoryBoy and it’s still a huge hit. The Turkeybird loves the colors and the few interactive bits (though there aren’t many) as well as the robots, of course. What I love is the message of individuality, but also that of caring for others no matter what their differences might be.

Without a doubt the Little Blue Robot is a book app that every iPhone/iPad user with kiddos should have. It’s inexpensive, beautifully illustrated and has a wonderful story as well. This is a book that I still catch the Turkeybird reading from time to time on his own even after a full year of use, which is unusual for almost anything (not just electronics). Go with Little Blue Robot as he discover exactly what it is that makes him tick and those that will support him along his path.

The Sweet and Savory Sum-up: A must have book app that shares the values of individuality and friendship through beautiful illustrations and delightful characters.

Available for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

One Response to Sunday {App}etizers: Little Blue Robot by StoryBoy

  1. Joe says:

    Agree! We have the LBR book app and love it too. Thanks.

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