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Dot by Patricia Intriago
Published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux – Books for Young Readers
Pages: 40
Ages: 3-6 years
Publishers Summmary:

Dots here, dots there, you can see dots everywhere! Some are loud, and some are quiet. Some are happy, and some are sad. Some dots even taste yummy, while others taste bad. Graphic designer Patricia Intriago sets bold, circular shapes against a stark white background to emphasize opposite dot relationships.

Littlebug Speaks Up: “The Sun! There’s the sun!!! Oh! Stop! Go! Stop! Go! Red and green! Slow and fast.

“ROAR!!! Oh, sorry my mom said that was too loud to be quiet. This is so much fun! I thought the book was going to be like the book where you press all the dots and they fall all everywhere, but it’s not. And I really like it! My favorite is the loud part…no, wait! It’s the part with the fingers that make the dot soft. That’s so funny!

“My mom was trying to show me that the dot was feeling sad and happy and shy and hungry and that was a lot of fun. I’m going to keep asking her to read it ’cause I super like all the fun things my mom does to tell me about the dot. I love it!”

Mom’s Two Cents: “A dot can be many things. It can be full or hungry, loud or quiet, green or red and many many other things. When you change a dot’s color, shape or texture the world opens before a child’s eyes and the dot that was simply a dot before now becomes something entirely different.

“For obvious reasons (the cover) when I initially picked up Dot by Patricia Intriago I thought it was going to be a play on Press Here by Hervé Tullet, which would be nothing short of a compliment as we also love that book as well, but this was completely different. Intriago takes a simple shape, a dot, and turns it into an object that children can relate to.

“To be honest, I wasn’t completely sold on this book until I sat down with Littlebug to read it. The way she lit up when we opened the first page to a bright yellow dot was priceless. “Sun!” was what she said but she immediately shaped her hands above her head and grinned knowing she’d just transformed herself into her version of the huge yellow sphere in the sky. From that point on it only got better and better. With each page she would act out with me every emotion & action and by the time we got to the last page she asked to read it again. Which anyone who reads with children will know is worth it’s weight in gold when it comes to good and bad books, with Dot obviously falling in the “great” category.

“With it’s minimalistic illustrations and basic text most readers would think Dot is a book that young readers would turn away from, but you’d be completely wrong. Dot by Patricia Intriago is a huge hit in our home! Littlebug continually asks to read and reread Dot because it not only is interactive, but it’s one she can express herself through. Dot helps young readers learn emotions and feelings in a very basic way, but one that will have children’s imaginations reeling as they turn the pages.”

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 to 6. Spark the imagination of a young reader and help them express themselves through the story of a not-so-simple Dot.

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Find Dot by Patricia Intriago at the following spots:
Powell’s Books
Barnes & Noble

Thank you so much to the publisher, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, for sending a copy for review! Find them on Twitter, on the MacKids Blog as well as on Facebook.
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12 Responses to Book Review: Dot by Patricia Intriago

  1. Gina says:

    Oh I just saw this one come in on our last shipment at work. The same thought ran through my mind when I saw it…something similar to the previous DOT book. It amazing how something so simplistic in nature can create such joy for young readers….a concept proven time and again though (just think of the child that wants to play with the box in lieu of the toy). Great share guys! Happy reading!

  2. This looks really good. I own a preschool and run the curriculum side so I’m always looking for new books. Very cool and thanks for sharing!

  3. How funny. I would think the same thing but I bet you’re right. They love the simplicity of it.

    • Kids don’t need a lot. I think it’s us parents who get the idea of needing more, but that comes with years of having things shoved on us. This is the perfect book for kiddos (and their parents). 🙂

  4. Just got this for my nephew, and he loves it!

  5. Dear There’s a Book:
    As you might know, this is my first book, and I wanted to write to you and not only thank you for the very kind words, but to tell you how great it feels to know that I’ve helped show children how to appreciate simplicity. May they always see the magic in little things. Thank you, too, fellow readers, for letting me know what you think! I hope you enjoy Dot!
    Best regards,
    Patricia Intriago

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