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Tomorrow I’ll share my review of Clean by Amy Reed, a shockingly powerful story about teen addiction and recovery. It was an incredibly enjoyable read and I’m thrilled that I have the opportunity to host Amy here on the site today! As part of her blog tour for Clean she sharing today her version of a “Teenage Garage Sale”, it’s all those things she cherished as a teen and what she feels they should be going for today. Honestly, it’s one of the funnest posts I’ve been able to share. So, without further hesitation on my part, Amy Reed…

I think you’ll find my prices reasonable based on the sentimental value of the following items:

– Ani Difranco CDs. How much did CDs cost back then? $10? OK, I’ll sell them for $200 each.

-Tom Robbins books. Well-loved, dog-eared paperbacks. $100 each

-CLUE board game. My friends and I would sit by the big fountain in Volunteer Park in Seattle and play for hours. $400

-My boots. My dad bought me a pair of hiking boots for Christmas when I was fifteen, but I returned them and got a pair of combat boots instead. I wore them ALL the time. They looked especially good with vintage dresses. $300

-My guitar. I wrote a lot of very melodramatic three-chord songs on that thing. My first ambition was to be a singer-writer, but I realized eventually that I’d probably have to learn more than three chords if I was going to make it. I was too lazy to do that. $2,000

-Collected poems of Anne Sexton. Includes dog-ears of my favorite depressing poems. And tear stains. $300

-Giant yellow portable coffee cup that I found at a thrift store. It said KOA on the side and held about half a pot of coffee. I would show up to my morning classes with it full of coffee. I drink much less coffee now than I did as a teenager, but I drink it the same way I always have—with just a little 2% milk, no sugar. A bargain at $75!

-The bumper stickers on my car. I’m not sure how many ended up on there. A lot. I had a strong need to announce everything I believed to total strangers. Now that need isn’t so strong, and I just have one bumpersticker on my car that says “Biodiesel.” $25 each/$300 for the whole set

-This strange toy my friend Michael found in a park. We named it Nipple Man. It had weird bumps all over it, two of which were projectiles located in the middle of its chest, hence the name. You pushed a button on its back and the chest bumps shot out, and they were attached to strings so you wouldn’t lose them. It lived on the dashboard of my car, along with a bunch of other toys. Sometimes when we were stopped at a red light, Michael would roll down his window and shoot the chest bumps at the car next to us, crying “Nipple Man!” very loudly. That never got old. $5 million

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