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Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka and Illustrated by Chad Cameron

Published by Lerner Publishing Group
Pages: 40
Ages: 4-9
Publishers Summary:

“Every Septober, Every Octember, Fall fills my senses with scenes to remember.”
“Bears gather nuts. Geese hibernate. Squirrels fly south in big figure eights.”
Fall is all mixed up in this silly book from Bob Raczka! Can you find his mistakes in the words and pictures?

The Turkeybird Speaks: “This is my kind of book! There is counting and silly words all over the place. Who has flying squirrels tied to balloons that float in the sky? It’s so silly! My favorite favorite part was the table full of sweets. Wouldn’t that be so cool?!

“I really really like this fun book. My mom said we can keep reading it all the way to Christmas! I’m so excited for Halloween with this book because there are lots of fun animals I can dress up as. Oh! Did I tell you that you get to count with this book? I guess I did, but it’s so neat because I get to trick my mom into reading the book all over again. I love it!!!”

Mom’s Two Cents: Fall is here with the colors of browns, reds, oranges, yellows and more. With so many holidays happening and the changing temperature it’s easy to get a little mixed up. From candy for Thanksgiving dinner to pumpkins that turn red and bears that collect nuts, it’s beginning to look like this will be a Fall to remember!

I’m being completely honest when I say I’ve been on the search for great Fall picture books since I’ve had kiddos at home. It’s no easy task, especially when it comes to non-Christmas books (though I love those as well). I’m happy to say though that Fall Mixed Up has quickly become one of our absolute favorites and certainly fits the bill! Not only are the illustrations gorgeous (just take a look at the interior spread above), but the story is wonderfully original. It’s easily a story I’d recommend for Fall reading each and every year with no doubt that both parents & children will love it.

In a similar fashion as Mo Willems’ We Are In A Book, Bob Raczka turns Fall Mixed Up into a story that could be read and re-read as many times as a child can ask. To see the delight on both the Turkeybird and Littlebug’s faces when they discover, at the very end of the book, that they need to go back and count all the “mix-ups” is priceless. A story that initially they thought would be a simple read through turns into an adventure to find and count all the things they thought were quite funny on a first read through.

Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka will be taking it’s place among our favorite Fall picture books that include an impressive list of books with Alpha Oops! H is for Halloween, The Nutcracker, Where Teddy Bears Come From and I’ve Seen Santa! being just a few. Not only did the Turkeybird love the Fall colors but he especially enjoyed the rhymes and an opportunity to re-read the story while counting up all the “mixed up” things he laughed at on his first read through. If you are a parent or a Fall enthusiast looking for a new picture book to add to your collection I highly recommend Fall Mixed Up, it will certainly be getting quite a bit of use and re-readings here in our home.

The1stdaughter Recommends: Ages 2 to 8. A perfect picture book read and re-read for the Fall season. Have kiddos giggling and loving the opportunity of “tricking” their parents into another read through of a soon-to-be favorite book!

Find at the following spots:
Powell’s Books
Barnes & Noble

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13 Responses to Book Review: Fall Mixed Up by Bob Raczka

  1. Excellent find! There just isn’t enough fall books I say!

    I posted a similar call out today at my blog.

  2. Teresa says:

    What a great book! I need to pick up some new books for my monkey. This one is on the list.

  3. Gina says:

    Love the color palette used….beautiful, warm fall colors. Definitely a good fit for the time of year. So glad Turkeybird (and family) enjoyed it….hope the rereads are just as wonderful. ^_^

  4. Emily says:

    This book looks too cute! It looks like a read aloud my class would really enjoy too. I’ll have to work it into my plans!

  5. Pussreboots says:

    Looks like a fantastic book. I know my two will enjoy it.

  6. liblaura5 says:

    This looks so fun – I can really see kids I know loving it.

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